DHL Parcel is now offering its unique portfolio of services for European e-commerce in Austria. Across Europe, we are the first service provider with an infrastructure specially designed for e-commerce shipping.

We provide precisely the kind of shipping service online shops and buyers need and want, extending the advantages of internet shopping all the way to parcel shipping. And thanks to convenient and quick delivery service, online shopping will continue to increase in use and acceptance, creating growth opportunities for retailers throughout the German-speaking economic area.

Online shoppers benefit from fast shipping and convenient delivery - we even offer evening and Saturday deliveries. Our Parcelshop concept, which exists nationwide in collaboration with retail partners, offers convenient parcel pick-up and drop-off with customer-friendly business hours and without having to wait in lines. There's always one nearby, making our service accessible to everyone. For maximum flexibility, customers can use our Packstations, which allow them to pick up and drop off parcels 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

DHL Parcel in Austria also offers solutions specially tailored to the needs of online retailers, providing a platform designed to drive new business models in e-commerce. With access to a European network and the ability to offer reliable, high-quality cross-border parcel shipping, DHL makes it possible for retailers to capture opportunities in the international e-commerce market. As one of the leading parcel service providers in Europe, DHL's experience and expertise in e-commerce and parcel shipping remains unmatched. The numbers speak for themselves: In Germany alone we transport more than 3.4 million parcels a day to 3.4 million happy customers.