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Accelerating Automotive E-commerce

We champion omni-channel approaches through systems integration, product fulfilment, and returns coordination

The natural growth of e-commerce in the Auto-Mobility sector means improved understanding of customer preferences and behavior and opportunities to reduce costs.

DHL supports all Auto-Mobility sectors including Vehicle Manufacturers and Component, Tire and Aftermarket providers. We are experts in integrating automotive e-commerce logistics systems, managing stock and order fulfilment.

We understand that OEMs and component providers need to:

Align with Global E-Trends

Access Consumer Data

Improve Customer Contact

Create Wider Markets

Streamline Value Chains

Manage Brand and User Experience

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Automotive E-commerce Value Chain

Sector companies that can deliver a seamless automotive e-commerce logistics experience will see the benefits in terms of higher market share and improved customer loyalty. Logistics will play a vital role in this transition, and DHL actively supports the design, promotion, and integration of e-commerce within this sector.

At DHL, we closely follow the latest automotive e-commerce trends to stay ahead of the curve. According to Deloitte,  up to 40% of an OEM’s revenue will soon derive from business models beyond immediate vehicle manufacturing. 

While B2B remains strong, the industry is experiencing strong growth in B2C markets and the B2D (Business to Dealer) sector. In the case of B2C, there is the emergence of do-it-myself and do-it-for-me purchases. As consumer and manufacturing expectations for rapid results continue to increase, there will also be an expansion of P2P (Peer-to-Peer / Dealer-to-Dealer) networks that require agile and flexible automotive e-commerce logistics solutions. We provide specific services for key e-commerce sectors such as:


We work closely with automotive customers and software designers to develop e-commerce platforms. These range from web stores to autonomous systems and are used to establish or improve online digital marketplaces.

Omni-channel Integration

We enable omni-channel development through dynamic delivery, fulfillment, and returns via seamless technological integration, data sharing, and collaboration among manufacturers, retailers, and logistics providers.


We provide B2B and B2C e-commerce fulfilment services that are scalable and flexible, digitally enabled, socially responsible and focused on improving customer satisfaction through the support of our global experts.

Cross-Border Management

Our global network supports Auto-Mobility e-commerce through international shipping management and consultancy using integrated online systems to ensure smooth customs clearance and cross-border transportation.

Last Mile

Effective e-commerce depends on the efficiency of last-mile delivery. Together with our accredited partners, we balance speed and costs to optimize the consumer experience and provide unrivalled last-mile capability.


The adoption of e-commerce by the Auto-Mobility sector will depend on the support of fast and reliable reverse logistics. We provide a complete product returns service supported by customer-integrated software systems.

Auto-Mobility E-commerce Market Segments

Components, Parts, Tires and Aftermarket

Buyers can now research aftermarket products, compare costs and evaluate reviews before purchasing auto parts via e-commerce. Manufacturers and parts distributors need the support of specialist Auto-Mobility logistics providers that can design, develop, and integrate e-commerce systems and omni-channel setups that maximize flexibility and supply chain efficiency across rapidly evolving markets.

Accessories, Merchandise and Marketing Materials

We assist companies with logistics support for marketing materials, non-essential branded accessories and promotional merchandise. These may include sales brochures, roof racks, baby seats, branded jackets, caps, keyrings, and other promotional items. Core logistics activities can include textiles, finishing, packaging, quality inspection, warehouse management, distribution, customer service, payment systems, and returns management.

Finished Vehicles: New and Second Hand

We provide a comprehensive logistics service for the delivery, collection and return of finished vehicles that are consumer-owned or commercial and are either new or used. Online platforms that make possible the purchase and configuration of a vehicle can be supported by integrated programs that are activated by e-payment or customer authorization and supported by fully tracked vehicle delivery from either manufacturing hubs or centralized vehicle storage facilities.

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