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Renewable Energy Logistics

Enabling the energy transition to renewable power

The transition to renewable energy is powering forward. Renewables companies are scaling up to deliver power generating infrastructure and meet growing demand for alternative energy sources. Power generation is becoming more decentralized and distributed, and supply chain complexity is increasing, so robust, flexible logistics support is a vital component in the success of renewables businesses. Better visibility and stringent controls are essential. Replacing fossil fuel production equipment with renewables equipment of the same capacity is predicted to need a 1,000x increase in global logistics capacity.

We are specialist partners to the wind and solar sectors, applying end-to-end industry leading best practises and sustainable solutions.


Wind - Onshore

As DHL, we support all aspects of the expanding onshore renewable wind energy industry, including all phases of the manufacturing and turbine installation processes.

Wind - Offshore

DHL’s logistics capabilities, transferable skills and ability to remove challenges and minimise costs are enabling the transition to essential wind-powered energy sources.


Our solar logistics specialists provide full project coordination, end-to-end transport, and large container pools, ensuring complete product integrity for solar panels.

Power Grid

DHL is expanding its services to support widespread power grid infrastructure and installation, including key support for EV chargers, facility meters, and power storage.

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Renewable Energy Logistics - Priorities and Services

At DHL, we help our renewable energy logistics customers to reduce costs and increase service performance. We know how to correctly package, store, handle, and deliver all renewable energy assets anywhere in the world. We specialize in:

Oversized Cargo

DHL can help with significant challenges such as shipping nacelles, turbines, blades, towers, and any other such components around the world. Customers benefit from our experience handling high-value, oversized cargo for other industries, including oil, gas, aerospace and automotive.

Route Strategies and Planning

Transporting energy generation units, from entire solar farms to exceptionally large turbine blades, requires advanced route planning solutions. DHL uses smart data and cutting-edge software systems to leverage the full potential of smart routing for optimum accessibility and cost efficiency.


DHL ensures that customers have the resources they need when they need them. We manage the inbound flow of materials and tools, increasing efficiency, productivity, and production. We can reduce procurement and supply chain costs, optimize stock holding and increase inventory accuracy.

Supply Chain Visibility

DHL provides customers with complete materials visibility and traceability throughout the renewable energy supply chain and is particularly critical for both on and offshore wind installations. Improved visibility reduces costs and stoppages, as well as ensuring project continuity.

Capital Project Logistics

Our global energy supply chain capabilities allow us to consolidate shipments and reduce transportation costs while safely handling all forms of cargo to and on-site. Our innovative planning solutions help customers shape and implement the complex logistics needs for capital projects.

Supply Chain Network Optimization

DHL provides reliable and agile renewable energy supply chains. We deliver consultancy, improved visibility of stock, orders, and goods availability, plus overview and control of the entire energy supply chain. We measure performance through automated KPIs and our own materials management IT systems.

Compliance and Safeguarding

DHL understands and supports the importance of HSSE (health, safety, security, and environment) compliance and provides robust systems and processes to manage energy-specific projects anywhere in the world. Our first concern is always the safeguarding and full compliance of your people and project.

Lead Logistics Partner

DHL is a lead logistics provider. We can partner with customers to design optimal solutions and take responsibility for the management, cost control and operational performance of their key supply chain functions and systems. 

Logistics of the Energy Revolution

Logistics has an ever-growing role to play, both enabling and supporting the energy revolution. 

A key feature of this will be the need of advanced logistics capabilities, competencies, skills and experience at unprecedented scale in the energy sector.  

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