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Top 5 Trending Products For The Hong Kong E-Commerce Market
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According to Statista, Hong Kong’s e-commerce market revenue is projected to reach US$24.06 billion in 2023 with an expected CAGR of 10% between 2023-2027. With the internet penetration rate forecasted by Statista to increase to 93.4% by 2027 and McKinsey noting the continued growth in Hong Kongers’ use of digital wallets, it’s no wonder the e-commerce market is thriving.

Brick-and-mortar and digital businesses alike have embraced e-commerce, offering a wide range of products and services online. E-commerce business owners looking to stay ahead of the curve can consider selling the following top five trending products:

1. High-quality baby products

Clothing and retail have always generated some of the biggest revenue for e-commerce businesses, and this rings true for baby products as well.

In particular, parents’ attention is now shifting towards high-quality items such as all-natural baby food and organic cotton baby clothes. Whether the brand is local or foreign, e-commerce platforms have given parents in Hong Kong an infinitely large catalogue of baby products to choose from. Many parents have taken this opportunity to buy from trending baby brands overseas especially as the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted them from making in-person visits to mother and baby stores.

Delivery services like DHL Express offer reliable time definite services that help parents get what they need for their kids as soon as possible - no matter where their order is coming from.

2. Health and wellness apparel

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a global rise in demand for health and wellness products, and e-commerce businesses are feeling the effects. According to Selazar, the global wellness market value has grown to US$4.4 trillion with a CAGR of 5-10% in recent years — making it a lucrative and attractive sector for business owners.

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Businesses have a wide range of wellness products to choose from such as yoga apparel, at-home exercise equipment, and health food and supplements. As consumers in Hong Kong adopt a more proactive stance towards curating their personal health and wellness, e-commerce business owners can broaden their customer appeal by further diversifying and personalising offerings through custom product recommendations, online wellness experiences, or subscription services.

3. Hand-crafted products

Personalised and high-value products are trending with Hong Kong consumers who are looking to express their individuality or order gifts with customised messages for those around them.

Marketplaces such as Etsy are commonly associated with such items, but many makers are also creating independent e-commerce stores using social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok. For independent creators selling their own designs, being able to seek out reliable time-definite Express delivery can help improve the customer experience and distinguish yourself from the competition.

4. Souvenirs

Despite COVID-19 travel restrictions, Hong Kongers have not let go of their travel bug. Souvenirs are another popular e-commerce product as people seek out the same items they would have purchased if they had been able to travel.

Destinations including London, Tokyo, Osaka, and Bangkok are gaining popularity even as travel restrictions persist. E-commerce businesses can take advantage of these trends by stocking cultural products, foodstuffs, and niche country-specific items to cater to consumers’ wanderlust – particularly those who are unable to fly just yet. DHL Express’ flexible international import delivery services enable you to connect with suppliers worldwide so you can acquire the exact products your customers have been searching for.

5. Pet supplies

It’s no surprise that Hong Kongers adore their pets and seek out top quality products for them. E-commerce businesses can consider importing foreign pet food or supplies for the local market, taking into consideration trending areas within the sector such as raw pet food, pet supplements, or electronic litter and feeding devices.

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