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DHL eCommerce Customer Service

Whether you are receiving a shipment to your home or business, we want to help answer your questions about receiving or returning a shipment sent using DHL eCommerce.

Shipments Sent From Europe

Has your parcel already arrived in Estonia or do you have a return shipment from Estonia abroad? 

If you aren't sure of the location of your parcel, visit our Track and Trace service

Shipment Sent From Outside of Europe

A small amount of DHL parcels with origin outside Europe are delivered by Omniva Estonian Post. If your shipment originated outside of Europe please contact our DHL eCommerce Customer Service Team for help determining who to contact.

If you know your shipment is being delivered by Omniva Estonian Post, please contact Omniva Estonian Post Customer Service.

Shipment Help

If you aren't sure where your shipment originated, please track your shipment with our Track and Trace service

If you don’t receive any tracking results or have other questions, please contact our DHL eCommerce Customer Service Team for assistance.

Find Your Contact

In order to save you time and confusion, we need to get you to the right customer service team. Across Europe we work with a number of top-notch partners, who are there to help deliver your parcel when and how you want it. Answer a few quick questions to find the right contact.
Did your shipment originate in Europe?

Additional Customer Service Help