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Road Freight Surcharges

DHL Freight regularly reviews the surcharges for road freight transports. Please find below the valid fuel surcharges and surcharges for transport bookings which are not submitted online.

For information about other surcharges related to road transport, please contact DHL Freight sales.

Fuel Surcharge

Valid as of December 10, 2023

Continental Europe   29,70%  
Central Eastern Europe 29,70%  
Sweden, Norway  32,50%
Denmark 31,30%  
Baltic states   23,60%  
UK, Ireland   31,90%  
Domestic Road Freight 53,91%

Fuel Surcharge History

  10.12.2023  12.11.2023 8.10.2023
Continental Europe  29,70%  32,90%  36,30% 
Central Eastern Europe  29,70% 32,90% 36,30%
Sweden, Norway  32,50%  36,00% 37,10%  
Denmark  31,30%  36,20%  40,30%  
Baltic states  23,60%  26,10%   26,80% 
UK, Ireland  31,90%  36,90% 41,20%  
Domestic Road Freight  53,91%  58,42%  58,42% 

MARPOL Surcharges

The EU Sulphur Directive entered into force on January 1, 2015 and after that shipping companies started forwarding the increase in the fuel costs to hauliers, either as a part of their bunker surcharge or as a separate MARPOL surcharge.

DHL Freight Finland calculated the effect on its transports and introduced a MARPOL surcharge per traffic area as of the beginning of year 2015.

The rates are based on current information provided by the shipping companies. We reserve ourselves the right to adjust the surcharges, if the charges debited by the shipping companies change considerably. In addition to MARPOL, fuel surcharges apply as before.

MARPOL surcharges apply to Euroconnect, Eurapid, Euroline and Thermo products, i.e. groupage, part and full loads in both import and export.

Minimum: EUR 2.00 / shipment, maximum: see corresponding charge for FTL

MARPOL Background

January 1, 2015, the EU Sulphur Directive (2012/33/EU) entered into force. The directive imposes restrictions on sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions from ships sailing in the Baltic Sea region, the North Sea and the English Channel. It requires ships to use fuel with a maximum of 0.1 % sulphur or to apply alternative methods – such as scrubbers or LNG fuel systems – to achieve the same reduction in sulphur dioxide emissions. 

Fuel with 0.1 % sulphur content (MGO, marine gasoil) is significantly more expensive than heavy fuel oil (HFO) currently allowed and commonly used inside the Northern European seawaters. As a consequence of the directive, the fuel costs of the shipping companies will increase. On the other hand, investments in technical solutions will also have a significant impact on the costs of shipping.

Harbour Fee

The harbours charge a fee for goods that are transported waterway through the harbour. DHL applies this surcharge for European groupage, part and full loads in both import and export. 

The harbour fee is debited based on the gross weight and as of 1.1.2023 it is: 

  • 0,35 € / 100 kg, minimum 14,80 € / shipment

Transport Bookings

Through electronically submitted information we have been able to improve our efficiency and especially offer our customers a flawless order and delivery chain. 

Orders which are not submitted online cause manual work and additional cost both for bookers and logistic service providers. 

  • We charge a service fee of 7,50 € for all shipments booked from Finland using other means than our online shipping tools or DHL Freight order form. The fee will be charged with the freight invoice. 

 DHL Freight offers a variety of online shipping tools free of charge. Learn more about our Online Shipping Tool

Your DHL Freight sales contact or our user support will help you determine the best tool for your needs. ( or / tel. +358 20 533 2600