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If the Worst Happens What Should I Do?

There are always risks involved with transports. Although we handle all goods with care, some shipments may occasionally be damaged or lost.

    • If goods are missing or damaged during the transport and the damage is externally visible, clearly note the details of loss or damage on the waybill or transfer document when the goods are received
    • A written complaint about a damage not visible at reception has to be sent to the carrier within 7 days of receipt of the goods.
    • In case of a delay the time limit for a written complaint is 21 days
    • Send your written complaint in any suitable form to our customer service
    • The complaint should contain the following information:

                    -  Origin and destination countries and delivery date
                    -  Shipment reference
                    -  Detailed explanation of the damage or the lost goods
                    -  Your contact details

    In case your complaint results in a claim please fill in the claim form below.

    • Inspect the damaged goods and try to limit any further damages from occurring
    • Consider how the damage can best be repaired, if possible
    • Take photographs of the packaging and the damaged goods, if possible before unloading when shipment is still in the transport unit (pictures should show the damage and if possible the cause for it)
    • Reserve the carrier / insurance company the right to inspect the damaged goods
    • Store the damaged goods separately
    • Store all packaging material
    • Do not transport goods onwards


Laws and international conventions regulate the liability in case of damages and delays, the liability of the carrier is limited.

    • If a separate transport insurance has been taken out for the shipment we recommend that you primarily contact your insurance company, as the liability of the carrier is limited
    • In case the shipment has been insured through DHL Cargo Insurance we kindly ask you to send us the shipment information with the form below
    • Check the delivery term, which party (seller or buyer) has had the risk of the goods during transportation and on what basis can the party who has suffered from the damage, loss or delay of the goods claim the carrier – or if a separate transport insurance has been taken out for the shipment and the claim concerns damage or loss of goods, the insurance company
    • In claim cases we cannot accept any invoices, compensation must always be claimed separately in writing
    • The damaged goods shall be retained until the claims process has been finalized (this does not apply to delays)
    • The limitation period for a claim is 1 year

    For additional information about claims please contact

Claim form
Fill in the information about your claim in the form below. After submitting the form you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

In case of damages caused by delays a detailed explanation of the damage as well as documentation / breakdown of the costs has to be submitted.

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