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Congestion surcharge for groupage shipments removed as of June 15, 2020

12.6.2020 In the exceptional situation created by the coronavirus outbreak, DHL Freight Finland introduced in April a congestion surcharge to all international groupage shipments, in order to ensure service continuity and to cover part of the operating cost increases.

The measures to contain the epidemic have been gradually lifted all over Europe and the situation is getting back to normal. As of June 15, 2020 (date of pick-up from customer) DHL Freight will cease to debit a congestion surcharge for international groupage. The surcharge has not been applicable to other road freight services.


DHL Freight road freight network continues to serve you in accordance with local official guidelines and restrictions, in order to ensure the safety of our staff and customers and our continued operations. Please respect social distancing and hygiene guidelines when dealing with our drivers.

For more information on the progress of your shipments, please reach out to DHL Freight customer service.

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