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Check out our Life Sciences & Healthcare Webinar Series! Discover and learn more about various topics within the industry. Our webinars are designed to reveal and explore today’s most relevant issues. Whether you want to know how COVID-19 is shaping logistics worldwide, or you’re looking for ways to improve control over clinical trials imports and exports, or you need to increase medical devices consignment stock visibility, you will find valuable content in each session.

Check Out Our Latest Content

Vaccine Distribution - Delivering Next Level Healthcare

Explore “the largest healthcare logistics challenge the world has ever seen” with DHL President, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Larry St. Onge. This concise presentation covers the disruptions in healthcare delivery during the early Covid-19 pandemic.

Supply Chains in Times of COVID19

The COVID-19 pandemic is seriously affecting global supply chains and disrupting economies around the world. On this webinar we reviewed the specific changes to Life Sciences and Healthcare supply chains and how DHL managed to adapt and help customers deliver life-saving products while developing market strategies to quickly recover their business and re-imagine the new normal.

IMP Distribution: Clinical Trials IMP Storage and Distribution

The world is seeing an increasing number of Clinical Trials. Sponsors need to decide upon a successful distribution strategy for their IMPs. In this webinar, we explored the trends and supply chain challenges in this segment. A specific focus reviewed the advantages of Singapore as a regional hub to supply IMPs to the South East Asian region, supported by other depots for larger domestic markets.

Customs Control Tower: Clarity, Control and Compliance over Clinical Trial Imports and Exports

In this webinar, we discussed global trends around import & export of clinical trials products, frequent obstacles, and potential solutions. The presenters explained how customers have benefited from the DHL Control Tower service catered to the needs of the Life Sciences & Healthcare sector and focused on increasing clarity, control, and compliance over clinical trial shipments.

Innovation Challenge: Ideas on How to Accelerate Next-Level Healthcare

The shift to bio-pharma and new advanced treatments has increased the need for temperature controlled logistics, while digitalization is enabling a data-driven supply chain with end-to-end visibility and higher efficiency. This webinar reviewed the top three innovations selected during the 2020 DHL Innovation Challenge for supply chain in the areas of Temperature Controlled Logistics.

Field Inventory Optimization: How Data Analytics Can Help Optimize Your In-Country Inventory

Medical device companies can have more than 150 days of field inventory including consigned stock held by hospitals, physicians, and salespeople. The high value of associated products and the wide range of SKUs make managing field inventory one of the biggest supply chain challenges for medical device companies, yet strict service lead time requirements often hinder attempts to reduce them. This webinar discussed how DHL leverages data analytics to help medical devices customers systematically reduce field inventory across the care continuum.

Consignment Stock Visibility: Innovative Solutions for Last-Mile Visibility in Hospitals

With 70% of inventory out of direct control of Medical Device companies, visibility at the point of consumption in a hospital represents a particular challenge and makes consignment stock management a difficult recurring task. In this webinar we learned about innovative solutions that provide stock visibility without the need of setting up new infrastructures or changing the existing supply chain process.

Temperature Management: Enhancing Air Freight Lane Risk Assessment to the Next-Level

The combination of manufacturer, forwarder, and carrier procedures can include risks associated with operational, quality, and environmental factors. In this webinar, we reviewed new approaches for data-driven risk management and tools, and explored how risk assessment processes can be further simplified ensuring GDP compliance, aided by machine learning, IoT, and cloud computing technologies.

Specialty Pharma: Critical Needs of Advanced Therapy Supply Chains

Advanced Therapy is quickly becoming reality and treatment success will rely on the rapid and seamless delivery of personalized therapies to patient. As an innovation leader, DHL is investing to become a reliable partner with best-in-class solutions catering to the requirements of this complex and highly regulated environment. This webinar discussed the challenges and opportunities of this segment and outlined solutions for a robust and reliable supply chain.

Shifting Gears: Trends and Perspectives on the Future of the Industry

The Life Sciences and Healthcare industry is entering an exciting new era – a time of transformational change - as supply chains are becoming smaller, colder, personalized and connected in support of growing bio-pharma, advanced treatments, and health-tech solutions. In this webinar we discussed strategies and success stories to prepare for a near future, where digitalization and the application of innovative technologies are key levers to improve end-to-end visibility and to radically reduce complexity and cost.

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