Logistics Talks Episode 1

Procuring Logistics Services in Times of Capacity Shortages

Interviewing Mark Chadwick, President of the Global Shippers Association (GSA)

Procurement of logistics services used to be a relatively straight forward process, with multiple providers competing primarily on pricing and delivery times. But over the last few years it has become much more difficult as capacity on certain lanes has become almost impossible to secure, even to the point of certain lanes around the world stopping operation due to global volatility, instability and exogenous threats. As a result, the market has seen extreme price increases, restructuring of traditional supply chains, and the necessity for more short-term planning.

Drawing on his experience, Mark Chadwick shares his advice on how best to procure capacity during a crisis and recognizes that, in this changing world, partnerships are more important than ever. 


Growth in the freight forwarding market in 2021. Resulting in the highest expansion rate in a decade


Of CEOs say they will increase investment in disruption detection and innovation processes


Of shippers plan to increase inventory levels

7.26 Days

was the average global shipping delay in march 2022

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