Logistics Talks: Episode 10

Logistics Talks Episode 10

Gen Z – The Next Generation of Supply Chain Managers

In this second part of our Logistics in Academia series we have back with us Professor Nils Finger of CBS International Business School to talk all about the next generation of logistics professionals: Gen Z. In this episode, we delve into the evolving landscape of supply chain management providing insights into the unique characteristics and aspirations of these young minds entering the workforce.


For many companies, scope 3 accounts for 80% of their overall climate impact


Supply chain emissions are on average 11.4 times higher than operational emissions


Only 16% of companies are able to measure their scope 3 emissions at an advanced level


Organization’s supply chains often account for more than 90% of their greenhouse gas emissions

The Era of Sustainable Logistics Global Summit: Zone Experience

Discover an overall view of the zone experience from the summit, including intro videos and key takeaways that you can download for each of the eight zones.