Logistics Talks Episode 2

Adapting Supply chains to market disruptions

Interviewing Tom France, Vice President of Distribution, Logistics and Transportation at Trane Technologies

The last 2 years have been incredibly difficult for logistics executives. Lockdowns, travel restrictions, the Suez canal blockage and the war with Russia have led to shortages and delays that were unprecedented in modern times. All of this has made it almost impossible to run logistics operations without any disruptions. In this episode of “Logistics Talks”, Tom France describes how Trane Technologies have adjusted their supply chain and logistics management under the constraints brought about by the ongoing intensities.


of companies globally report full visibility of their supply chains


of smaller businesses do not track their inventory digitally


increase in supply chain disruption between 2019 & 20

Shipping delays

had the biggest impact on manufacturers supply chains in the last 12-18 months

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