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A Trusted Partner. Solving Energy Challenges.

Within the energy industry, the key to the success and maintenance of both new projects and existing facilities lies in efficiently utilizing labor, infrastructure and equipment.

Cost pressure, a shifting energy mix and the increasing impact of renewable energy on the traditional market are huge challenges that energy companies now need to be able to offer solutions to.

At DHL we are the global leader in integrated energy logistics. We offer safe and compliant quality solutions, helping energy companies increase productivity and reduce cost.

Our Expertise

Oil & Gas Upstream

Remote, difficult environments, large infrastructure and complex, global-scale supply chains add up to a significant challenge. At DHL, we design, implement and operate efficient and scalable supply chains throughout the project lifecycle, including construction, exploration and production.

Oil & Gas Downstream

Whether your business involves processing, refining, production or distribution, DHL helps to optimize your supply chain and increase plant and staff productivity through ready access to supplies, while supporting your focus on health and safety. We are the experts in managing numerous international and local vendors and streamlining the inbound flow of materials into new and existing plants.

Renewable Energy

With increasing competition and commoditization of components, companies need to improve efficiencies in logistics and differentiate the offering through distribution to gain a competitive edge. DHL can make the logistics of raw materials more effective, optimize factory flows and facilitate a faster new market entry; with our secure, transparent, reliable and simplified service portfolio.

Power Generation & Utilities

Infrastructure improvement, new power stations and optimum use of existing facilities are just some of the needs DHL can help you address through efficient supply chain management. In an age of increasingly decentral power generation, DHL’s network and capabilities will provide the cost effective platform to build your distributed infrastructure and maintain your asset integrity.

Energy Mining

DHL understands the unique challenges associated with mining operations – low commodity prices require ever more efficient operations. We can help consolidate your supply chain to increase asset utilization and material availability, resulting in higher uptime for equipment operations, and better team productivity.

Energy Insights

Keep abreast of the latest Energy trends & innovations.