Supply chains are key to sustainability transformation, which is pivotal for the wellbeing of humanity, our planet and our businesses.

We are bringing decision makers, thought leaders and stakeholders together to focus on the development of cleaner, greener logistics.

This collective response to climate change can help shape a new era with sustainable logistics at its core. By working collaboratively with the best minds in the industry, and continually innovating, we can successfully address the challenges of the climate emergency and create and share viable solutions.

The next milestone on our journey to more sustainable supply chains will be our industry-leading summit in Valencia, Spain on 25-27 April 2023.

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The Era of Sustainable Logistics Global Summit

At the summit, you’ll find eight interactive zones to intrigue, educate, and enrich your sustainability knowledge. Featuring dedicated deep-dive masterclass sessions, expert key notes, and time to network and build collaborative alliances that support your own sustainability programs. If ever there was a time to rally resources, tap into the collective, start thinking differently, and start acting, it would be now.

Download the official report from the Era of Sustainable Logistics Global Summit

Covering the core topics of strategy and governance, decarbonization and circularity, and digitalization and clean technology, this retrospective pairs the key takeaways from DHL’s pioneering global summit with in-depth data and actionable insights.

The Report is a practical guide for all business leaders who are serious about sustainability. 

Fast Forward Challenge

An integral part of The Era of Sustainable Logistics, the Fast Forward Challenge is set to identify the next big thing in sustainable logistics. The Challenge will highlight the most promising innovative sustainability/clean tech solutions focused on navigating and overcoming global sustainable issues.

ESG: Environment, Social, and Governance

Everything we do at DHL serves one purpose: Connecting people, improving lives. To learn more about our ESG related activities and our Sustainability Roadmap, visit our Sustainability Hub.