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Innovation is essential to logistics and the supply chain. There is always a better way to operate, plan, implement, and share. With innovative tools and fresh approaches, companies around the globe are achieving a competitive edge and reducing environmental impact.

Here at DHL, we believe in doing things differently. Continuous innovation is part of our DNA to create tangible impacts with long-term value for our customers. Check out ‘Innovation in Action’ to discover how innovation projects, technologies, and solutions can create impact and inspire new ways of working.


EffiBOT is more than a simple autonomous mobile robot. It’s a complete and tailored solution that can travel across large and dynamic environments in a fully autonomous fashion or by following a human employee. DHL employees use this innovation to help move large and heavy goods throughout indoor facilities and outdoors. This smart robot has even joined the DHL logistics crew working trackside during the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship!

Everstream Analytics

At DHL we are constantly innovating new ways to improve logistics. In partnership with the supply chain risk analytics company, Everstream Analytics, we are developing predictive insights and risk analytics to make the global supply chain faster, smarter, leaner, and more sustainable. In an ever-changing world, success may depend on seeing further ahead and being ready to adapt.

DHL SmartSolutions IoT

Within the DHL Group, we deploy a broad and growing range of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, and we’re always looking for ways to leverage future trends in logistics. Each of these solutions is developed and realized in collaborating with our partners and – following successful proofs of concept and pilot projects – we make DHL SmartSolutions IoT available to customers around the globe.


Manual working processes are under the spotlight with innovative analytics technology from the German start-up MotionMiners. Deploying this technology in wearable sensor devices, companies can identify when and where workers are at risk of personal injury and can analyze workers’ walking, driving, and wait times. Watch the video here and, if you’d like to know about DHL’s experiences with this solution, please get in touch.

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