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Press Release: Tokyo, 15 October 2020

DHL continues to support Fashion Weeks around the world and provides support for young, up-and-coming designers in their overseas expansion.

DHL Express, the world’s leading international express service provider, unveiled its latest fashion collaboration with an up-and-coming Japanese designer at the “Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2021 Spring/Summer” event. Held twice a year in major cities such as Paris, Milan and New York, Fashion Weeks are regarded as the trend-setting fashion event of the year. DHL is an official sponsor of Fashion Weeks around the world, and has supported the Tokyo event for more than a decade.

As part of its continued support for the Japanese fashion industry, DHL provides assistance and opportunities for young, up-and-coming designers to expand their brand overseas. This year, DHL Japan is supporting a new menswear designer, Yuki Hashimoto and his brand “YUKI HASHIMOTO”, a winner of the 2020 Tokyo Fashion Award. At his Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO runway show, Yuki Hashimoto introduced a brand new collaboration with DHL, featuring models wearing unique pieces made out of DHL uniforms used in DHL’s daily operations.

“More than ever, speed is becoming a crucial factor for success in the fashion industry,” said Tony Khan, President and Representative Director of DHL Japan. “As digital devices and social media users grow rapidly around the world, fashion trends and consumer tastes are also changing at a higher frequency. Designers and brands need to get their products into the hands of customers as quickly and safely as possible, and how a product is delivered is an important part of the overall customer experience. That is why leading designers such as Yuki Hashimoto and many others recognize the importance of partnering with an experienced logistics provider such as DHL.”

After his successful runway show at the Fashion Week, Yuki Hashimoto said, “Since I launched this brand, I have been hoping to expand and deliver my collections widely abroad. I have a few international business engagements at this moment, but we are going to expand my brand into Asian markets, as well as European market. The support from DHL will go a long way in making my dreams come true.”

In a main venue, Shibuya Hikarie, where DHL’s latest collaboration with the popular footwear brand, UNDERCOVER, was also unveiled in the DHL booth. The brand new DHL x UNDERCOVER collection is inspired by the yellow and red corporate colors of DHL and includes special colorways for UNDERCOVER’s signature ‘Rainkers’ rain boot, raincoats, as well as a plush toy. Check out the DHL x UNDERCOVER collection at the following website: