Cleaner, Greener Logistics

With the aim of developing cleaner, greener logistics, we brought together decision makers, thought leaders and stakeholders across different businesses and industries at the City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, Spain for The Era of Sustainable Logistics Global Summit (April 25-27, 2023). 

More than 1,000 delegates used this unique platform to share their vision, best practice, and real-world experience. Their focus was on collaboratively shaping sustainable solutions for logistics and supply chains.

Change can happen. This was a clear message emerging from the summit. Better, cleaner and greener logistics will keep the world moving, businesses thriving, and economies growing while also contributing to the protection of our planet.

Thank you to all who attended

Watch this personal message of thanks from Katja Busch, DHL Chief Commercial Officer and Head of DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation, to all those who attended the summit in Valencia, as well as those who supported from afar.

Video Highlights from the Era of Sustainable Logistics Global Summit

Shaping the sustainability agenda

  • The three-day summit delivered exceptional keynote speeches, highlighting broad perspectives, as well as actionable insights.
  • Delegates were able to explore interactive themed zones designed to intrigue, inspire fresh thinking, educate, and learn about the latest cross-industry solutions and innovations in sustainable logistics.
  •  A range of masterclasses provided deep-dive access to topics in detail, while networking opportunities helped the diverse congress forge valuable new connections.
  • The Fast Forward Challenge celebrated the winners of DHL’s regional sustainability competitions, as 5 start-ups from around the world were invited center-stage to showcase their most promising logistics solutions. Origo Eco was announced as the winner. The Malaysian-based start up has the vision to replace non-biodegradable, single use disposables with compostable solutions.
  • The summit was an interactive and hands-on opportunity to share ideas and experiences, shape next steps, and help build more sustainable business strategies. 

Discover the Global Summit´s Agenda, Speakers, Masterclasses and More

Download now: a retrospective on the Era of Sustainable Logistics

Created in collaboration with onepoint5 and featuring a foreword from keynote speakers Ambassador Patricia Espinosa Cantellano and Katja Busch, Chief Commercial Officer and Head DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation, the report pairs the key takeaways from DHL’s pioneering global summit with in-depth data and actionable insights.

Covering the core topics of strategy and governance, decarbonization and circularity, and digitalization and clean technology, the retrospective paper is a practical guide for all business leaders who are serious about sustainability.

Interactive zones to inspire fresh thinking

Eight topic-specific interactive zones introduced key topics and related deep-dive masterclasses. Delegates explored the role of sustainability in business strategy, as well as the latestnorms, standards, and regulations and the full range of decarbonization levers. They considered migration to circular supply chains, harnessing the power of a digitalized world, engaging the workforce in sustainability, and impacts of the new energy landscape. The overarching Vision 2050 zone was created to inspire, connect, and imagine the most exciting future horizons of green logistics.


An Awe-inspiring Leisure Complex in a Truly Gorgeous Setting

What better venue to host our summit than the Valencia City of Arts and Sciences? It’s an awe-inspiring leisure complex in a truly gorgeous setting, celebrating our incredible world and the cultural achievements of the people who live in it.

It’s a city that takes sustainability as seriously as we do, showing other cities the way forward with pioneering ways to offset their carbon footprint.

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