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Aviation and Aerospace

Above and beyond. Together.

In the aviation and aerospace industry time is of the essence, and efficiency is paramount. As a dedicated industry partner DHL understands this. Whether you're managing the transportation of critical aircraft components, ensuring the timely delivery of in-flight amenities, or orchestrating the movement of high-value engines, DHL is your ‘wingman’ in the world of aviation logistics. 

Our global reach and local expertise bridge the gaps between continents, enabling us to navigate intricate industry regulations and minimize your downtime. Our team of industry experts stands ready to tailor solutions that meet your requirements, whether it's transporting critical aircraft components to a manufacturing plant, managing time-sensitive spare parts deliveries, or ensuring smooth ground-handling operations.

DHL is uniquely positioned to provide support, as we have our own global fleet with several hundred aircraft airborne every day. We’re proud to say DHL has the most comprehensive logistics offer for the aviation and aerospace industry.

DHL provides logistics services across aviation and aerospace industry segments such as:

OEMs (Civil and Defense)

We help you manage your supply chain. We store your inventory, provide visibility and ensure timely parts deliveries. 

Engine Manufacturers

We specialize in the transportation and storage of sensitive, high-value aircraft engines and engine parts.


We provide a range of shipment options, ensuring full visibility and on-time delivery, whether you’re transporting parts to a factory or to a spare parts stocking location.


As a fellow airline operator, DHL is your trusted partner, with services that include spare parts logistics, Aircraft on Ground (AoG) logistics solutions, and airside delivery.

Aviation and Aerospace Capabilities

With DHL as their logistics partner, our aviation and aerospace customers benefit from unparalleled global reach and an unrivalled transportation network, combined with the detailed local knowledge of industry specialists working around the world. This snapshot of some key services shows how we go above and beyond: 

Inbound to Manufacturing Logistics

Leveraging our proven expertise in inbound logistics, we manage and streamline your inbound logistics operations from parts originating at your vendor to usage at the production line. Our offering encompasses end-to-end management of inbound flows, ensuring timely delivery of components. With a focus on real-time visibility, our customers can optimize inventory levels, minimize lead times, and reduce costs. We offer a seamlessly integrated logistics network, empowering your manufacturing operations with reliability and agility.

Engine Logistics

Aviation engine movements require expert care in handling and storage. DHL’s Centers of Excellence provide comprehensive end-to-end logistics services, including short- and long-term storage options. All our engine logistics services comply with, or exceed, stringent industry standards, and provide full visibility with track and trace and proactive round-the-clock support. DHL ensures that mission-critical items are available in perfect condition whenever and wherever needed. 

Aircraft Spare Parts Logistics

Airlines keep maintenance downtime to a minimum with our highly reliable, customizable spare parts solution for urgent and non-urgent maintenance tasks. We ensure that spare parts get to the point of use rapidly, while providing you with real-time inventory and shipment visibility. This helps you manage scheduling and reduce both operating and inventory costs. Our responsive solution supports airlines in meeting service level agreements and achieving high levels of customer satisfaction.

Aircraft on Ground Solutions

A grounded aircraft, whatever the reason, results in additional cost and disrupts schedules. DHL mobilizes in moments to get the missing parts or replacement personnel en-route via the fastest available mode – round the clock, 365 days a year. Our customs clearance experts help to ensure expedited delivery and we provide real-time updates and flight tracking to help you plan work and arrange schedules to get the aircraft flying again.

Airside Delivery Service

If you need to collect or deliver shipments to the apron or other restricted airside locations, you can rely on our Airside Delivery Service. This specialized, super-fast aircraft logistics offering is available for airlines, MROs and OEMs in Tiers 1-3.

Customs and Compliance

DHL’s customs teams ensure that time-critical deliveries and supporting documentation arrive at their destination in the shortest possible time. Specialist services for aviation and aerospace customers include standard and non-routine customs clearance processes such as broker notification, bonded transit, clearance authorization, and export declaration. 

Sustainable Logistics

At DHL we are committed to electrifying 60% of our first and last mile vehicles, increasing our use of sustainable fuels to less than 30% and building 100% of all new buildings carbon neutral by 2030. With alternative sustainability offerings for 100% of our core products, we can help you achieve your sustainability targets. DHL can provide visibility on your logistics emissions, offer carbon-neutral shipping, deploy electric and low-emission vehicles, provide eco-friendly packaging, and operate green warehouses, giving you a competitive advantage in a world increasingly focussed on sustainability.

Lead Logistics Partner (LLP)

Because we’re the world’s largest contract logistics specialist, we bring our customers the benefits of global scale and local insight. As a Lead Logistics Partner, we can manage your supplier relationships, coordinate complex supply chains, and help to optimize business processes. Our priorities are to strengthen supply chains, improve resilience and help you make savings in all areas.

Logistics Talks

A new video series featuring in-depth interviews with senior supply chain and logistics executives on current and future logistics trends. Learn from those who are paving the way!


Sustainability is a key driver for today’s aviation and aerospace industry. Find out how DHL’s pioneering approach to sustainable aircraft logistics can help you achieve your near-term targets.

Lead Logistics Partner (LLP)

Discover how a Lead Logistics Partnership with DHL Supply Chain brings actionable insights, tailored business solutions and cross-industry expertise.

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