Due to the heavy increase in the fuelprices we are obliged to recover parts of this cost rise. We will have to charge a variable fuel surcharge on our Euroconnect and Euroline services.The add-on in percentage is adjusted monthly, based on the average rate of the four weeks between the 15th each month. 

  • Road Tax in Europe varies depending of which Euro norm the different vehicle is registered. The Euro norm range is from 2 to 5. Euro class 2 and 3 pollute more and old vehicles will therefore have higher costs, while new vehicles in Euro class 4 and 5 pollute less and have lower costs.

    A part of DHLs environmentally focus is using new trucks. We have also introduced strict requirements to our subcontractors. This means that we can limit the Road Tax (Maut) to minimum costs, which benefit both the environment and our customers.

    Below, please find an overview of which countries and rates applicable for charging Road Tax (Maut).

  • Based on the continuously shifting in the Foreign exchange market which influence our cost estimates, we have found it appropriate to introduce a variable Foreign Currency Surcharge.

    We will operate individual add-on’s for Europe (incl The Baltics), Great Britain, Sweden and Denmark.

    The surcharge is set and adjusted monthly, based on The Bank of Norway’s published currency exchange. The current add-on in procentage is set from the actual exchange rate by the 15th every month.

    You can also find information published by Norges Bank for documentation:

    Daily updates

    Monthly update

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