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DHL Freight

Road and freight services for business customers and home deliveries within Sweden to a private individual.


Robert Zander
Managing Director
DHL Freight

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Contact DHL Freights Customer Service on +46 771 345 345
DHL Freight website

DHL E-commerce Solutions

Domestic and international parcels sent to a private individual in Sweden and domestic and international parcels sent from a private individual in Sweden.


Jonas Lindell
Managing Director
DHL E-commerce Solutions

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Contact DHL Parcel Customer Service on +46 771 345 345
DHL Parcel website

DHL Express

International Express services


Peter Ervasalo
Managing Director
DHL Express

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Contact DHL Express Customer Service on +46 771 400 345
DHL Express website

DHL Global Forwarding

Air and ocean freight services for companies.


Ulf Nilsson
Managing Director
DHL Global Forwarding

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Contact DHL Global Forwarding Customer Service on +46 771 400 400
DHL Global Forwarding website

DHL Supply Chain

Supply chain solutions for companies.


Otso Forsblom
Managing Director 
DHL Supply Chain Nordics

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Contact DHL Supply Chain Customer Service on +46 8 543 450 00undefined
DHL Supply Chain websiteundefined