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DHL Freights road transports in Sweden and Europe is fully operational today and we are doing our outmost to insure we meet our promised service levels. We are monitoring the conditions daily and update our web page if there are any disruptions.

Information regarding current disturbance of traffic can be found here.

Frequently asked questions

We get a lot of questions regarding how COVID-19 affects our transports and services. You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions we get here.

Business Customers

  • With the current situation the time table on our web page doesn’t always give a complete picture. Changes occur daily and different decisions are made in different countries. We therefore ask you to keep updated via disturbance information to see what is current for each country.

  • We have changed and adapted our signing process in order to decrease the risk of spreading the virus. As of March 17th we offer the following options;


    1) Signing proof of delivery without physical contact. The consignee signs with their own pen and paper and thereafter the driver photographs the signature along with the delivery confirmation with the help of a hand scanner.

    2) We offer a 30 day proxy regarding delivery without proof of delivery.

    3) Gloves and hand scanner in a neutral place. At the delivery, the driver uses gloves and puts the hand scanner in a neutral place and backs up a few steps. The consignee then approaches wearing their own gloves and pen and signs. The consignee then steps back and the driver collects the hand scanner.


    For signing proof of delivery of international shipments, we follow our normal routines as well as the recommendations and restrictions that are in place in Sweden and in different countries. We ensure that our carriers comply with these at pick-up and delivery.

  • Yes, in exceptional cases. The driver is responsible by law for securing the goods on the vehicle and therefore the driver can deny you this if loading/unloading does not follow the existing guidelines. We always recommend the driver to be of assistance at loading and unloading of Parti shipments.

  • The restrictions implemented in several countries mean that some outlets aren't open. We update the DHL Finder continuously, but the standard process is that we deliver to the closest agent possible.

    The best option is to choose doorstep delivery where it is possible (home delivery). In most countries it is also possible for the consignee to choose this themselves via their delivery notice or local app. With doorstep deliveries most countries have introduced similar delivery process changes as we have in Sweden, i.e. minimal contact between driver and consignee in order to minimize risk of spreading the virus.

Private consumers

  • Yes, but as more and more countries around us are now starting to close their borders, establish quarantines of the population and establish in- and out travel restrictions we now assess there might be a risk that parcels in some cases won’t make it to the consignee in due time. This is mostly regarding international parcels.

  • With the app Mina Paket or via you can follow the delivery through the entire transport chain. Here you can easily see where your parcel is located and you also get push-notices when your parcel is available for pick up at your DHL-agent.

    Link to download the Mina Paket app

  • With Mobile Bank-ID you can identify yourself even before you pick up your parcel at your DHL-agent. That means that anyone can pick up your parcel for you without you having to send your own ID with them. In your text- and mail notice from DHL, there is a link that takes you to Mobile Bank-ID. It is also possible to send the parcels QR-code to the consignee via the app Mina Paket, or to take a screen shot of the code and send via text message.

  • Yes, however there may be local deviations. At or in the app Mina Paket you can find the opening hours for your DHL-agent.

  • Yes, doorstep deliveries are still functioning without disturbances but the value added services In-carry into house-/apartment and Installation are not available. We deliver to the door (outside). Read more here

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If you have any questions, contact your seller contact, ask in our chat or call us at 0771-345 345.