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The goal for the global corporation STIHL is to become climate neutral long before the Paris Agreement 2050. As part of the road to succeed, the Swedish subsidiary sends its parcels with DHL Freight’s climate-smart option SEND GREEN. This year, STIHL Sweden is estimated to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by as much as eight tonnes through the initiative.

Their customers cherish nature or have a love for their garden. Sustainability therefore goes hand in hand with the daily operations of STIHL, which develops and manufactures tools for gardening, forestry and landscape maintenance. The products are sold via servicing specialist retailer with over 400 specialized stores in Sweden. As a leading player in the industry and as a family business, we have a great opportunity to make a difference and influence others to work actively with sustainability. We feel a responsibility for future generations and what we leave behind, says Per Christian Salvesen, Head of Supply Chain at STIHL Nordics.

In 2020, STIHL globally received a new climate strategy which means that the corporation will become climate neutral before the goal in the Paris Agreement 2050.

First in the industry

Transports are a large part of STIHL’s operations. Every year, more than 50,000 parcels are sent from the Nordic warehouse in Stenkullen to retailers around Sweden.

Today, they therefore use SEND GREEN, DHL Freight’s climate-smart option where they offer customers a fossil-free* transport alternative within Sweden.

- This shows that we can make a big difference in our climate footprint just by joining SEND GREEN, says Per Christian Salvesen.

SEND GREEN means that DHL Freight produces the equivalent tonne-kilometer that the shipment gives rise to with a more expensive climate-smart technology somewhere in its domestic transport network. The income goes in full to compensate the hauliers for the additional cost when they invest in climate-smart vehicles and fuels.
STHIL Sweden is first in Sweden in its industry to choose this option at DHL Freight. In 2021, the initiative is estimated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about eight tonnes. 
- SEND GREEN contributes to a faster adjustment of the Swedish transport system and that our hauliers dare to choose a more expensive climate-smart technology, says Maria Nilsson Öhman, Sustainability Specialist at DHL Freight.

Per Christian Salvesen agrees.

- Using SEND GREEN is a simple and flexible way for us to contribute to the fossil-free transition and fossil-free transport, which is very important. We get a good overview of our current situation but also what our investment contributes to, he says.

Per Christian Salvesen thinks that the investment is an obvious choice if you think the environment is important.

- Then it is obvious to get involved. We don’t see it as a cost but as an investment. The environment is important to us at STIHL and thereby we have to make this investment. It will pay off in the long run and what we invest today, we will get back in the future – both as a company and as a society. 

*By definition from Fossil-Free Sweden. Fuels used in Send Green in 2020 are electricity, biogas and ethanol.