“SKICKA GRÖNT” is our climate-smart option where we offer our customers a fossil-free * transport alternative within Sweden. SEND GREEN means that we produce the corresponding transport work that your shipment generates with fossil-free technology * somewhere in our domestic network. The cost is SEK 5 including VAT for one or more packages in the same shipment, or SEK 49 including VAT if you send one or more pallets in the same shipment up to 2500 kg. The income goes in full to compensate our Swedish hauliers for the additional cost when they invest in climate-smart vehicles and fuels.

For many years, we have had an ambitious agenda to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We want to reduce our dependence of fossil fuels and to shift to a fossil free transportation (according to Fossilfritt Sverige). Already in 2008, DHL adopted a global environmental target to reduce CO2 emissions by 30 percent per tonne-kilometers by 2020. This was achieved in 2016, long before the appointed time.

Therefore, we have raised our ambitions and will reach -50 percent carbon emissions per tonne-kilometers by 2025. DHL Freight Sweden has almost achieved this and the goal now is to maintain this reduction.

SKICKA GRÖNT is produced in DHL's green vehicle fleet. To date, these vehicles have driven approx 32 000 000 km, corresponding to almost 800 laps around the earth. Or about 40 round trips to the moon.

In addition to our efforts to reduce our fossil carbon emissions, we have also since 2002 been able to offer our customers to join us in the sustainable shift for more climate-smart alternatives in the Swedish transport network. Together we have put more than 200 vehicles with clean and alternative technology on the market. Techniques we have invested in include for example biogas, ethanol, bioDME and electricity.

The concept is simple. You as a customer buy SKICKA GRÖNT and DHL ensures that the investment comes to our Swedish carriers who can then invest in climate-smart technology and receive compensation for the additional cost. When you as a customer choose SKICKA GRÖNT, we will produce the corresponding tonne-kilometers that your shipment gives rise to with a more expensive climate-smart technology somewhere in our domestic network. SKICKA GRÖNT contributes to a faster adjustment of the Swedish transport system and that our carriers dare to take the risk that a more expensive climate-smart technology entails. As a customer, you can credit the reduction *.

In order to qualify to produce SKICKA GRÖNT, it is necessary to:

  • Purchase of vehicles or fuel must be more expensive than a standard transport solution. The haulage company must be able to show their additional cost for the vehicle
  • Vehicle must reduce fossil greenhouse gas emissions at least 70 percent **
  • An agreement is concluded with the carrier
  • Vehicles and fuel are monitored monthly
  • Capacity coordination every month to ensure that we produce at least as many climate smart tonne-kilometers as the total sum of SKICKA GRÖNT ordered by our customers
  • Annual audit report on the process of SKICKA GRÖNT from an independent party is published on website

* The reduction of carbon dioxide is reported in the emission report. The emission report is a service that can be ordered for anyone who has a customer number with us.

** Fossil free fuels according to Fossilfritt Sverige. Fuels used for SKICKA GRÖNT in 2020 are electricity, biogas and ethanol.



  • It is easy! You do not need a new agreement, contact your supplier of your TA system and they will help you. Here you will find information from some of our TA providers on how to activate SKICKA GRÖNT:

    Unifaun Web-TA/DHL Multishipping
     The easiest way is to activate the option SKICKA GRÖNT in the transmission templates, or create a new template for SKICKA GRÖNT, then you do not have to make any changes to the integration file to us. Otherwise you need to enter "tag" below the order file submitted to us: <ServiceOption type = "climatecomp" />

    Unifaun Online
    The code for the option SKICKA GRÖNT in Online is: GREEN.

    You will find SKICKA GRÖNT service via the GetAllowableShipmentServices question when they have selected a product that supports the service.
    <ServiceCode> DhlSweden_ClimateCompensation </ServiceCode>
    <Description> Send Green </Description>
    <ServiceText> Send Green </ServiceText>

    The SKICKA GRÖNT service is called Green Freight with us, and you will find it with optional code co2

  • You do not need a new agreement, just follow the steps below for how to add the option SKICKA GRÖNT to your check-out:

    1. Enable the option in your check-out so that your customer can choose SKICKA GRÖNT.
    2. Download SKICKA GRÖNT logos 
    3. Add text so that your customer can read more about the option. Suggestion: Choose SKICKA GRÖNT and contribute for a climate-smart conversion and fossil-free transport. 
    4. If your customer has chosen SKICKA GRÖNT  in the checkout, select the option in connection with booking for that particular delivery. Make sure with your TA provider that you have the option activated. When the booking comes to DHL Freight, we set aside that amount for climate-smart investments in Sweden.
    5. Feel free to include a text in your customer's order confirmation. Suggestion: Thank you for choosing SKICKA GRÖNT and contribute to climate-smart conversion and more fossil-free transport. Thanks!"
    6. On the invoice to your customer, you can create an additional cost called SKICKA GRÖNT so that your customer also sees that they have contributed to a more sustainable delivery method.
  • SEK 4 ex VAT per parcel (DHL Paket, Paket export, Service Point & Parcel Connect).

    SEK 39.20 ex VAT per pallet (DHL Pall, DHL Stycke and DHL Home Delivery).

    DHL Parti requires specific agreement - Contact your sales representive.

  • All DHL's options and supplements are specified on invoice basis. As a corporate customer the amount will be confirmed and reported on the invoice.

    Your emission report also reports the reduction in CO2 emissions generated by SKICKA GRÖNT.

  • Yes, of course we provide emission reports containing the transport emissions that you as a customer have when using our transport services. Decide what frequency, time interval and what customer ID number or mac code that the report should cover. Your DHL Sales contact can set up this report service for you.



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