SKICKA GRÖNT - “sending green” - is our climate-smart option available for all domestic shipments in Sweden. The fee for sending one or more packages is 5 SEK in the same shipment, 49 SEK for a larger shipment up to 2500 kilos. The fee is including VAT. The entire fee goes in full to investments in more expensive climate-smart transport solutions and the carriers are then paid for their extra expenses

For many years, we have had an ambitious agenda to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We want to reduce our dependence of fossil fuels and to shift to a fossil free transportation (according to Fossilfritt Sverige). Already in 2008, DHL adopted a global environmental target to reduce CO2 emissions by 30 percent per tonne-kilometers by 2020. This was achieved in 2016, long before the appointed time.

Therefore, we have raised our ambitions and will reach -50 percent carbon emissions per tonne-kilometers by 2025. DHL Freight Sweden has almost achieved this and the goal now is to maintain this reduction.

SKICKA GRÖNT is produced in DHL's green vehicle fleet. To date, these vehicles have driven 31 595 081 km, corresponding to 788 laps around the earth. Or about 40 round trips to the moon.

In addition to our efforts to reduce our fossil carbon emissions, we have also since 2002 been able to offer our customers to join us in the sustainable shift for more climate-smart alternatives in the Swedish transport network. Together we have put more than 200 vehicles with clean and alternative technology on the market. Techniques we have invested in include for example biogas, ethanol, bioDME and electricity.

The concept is simple. We sign agreements with carriers in our domestic network who want to invest in more expensive clean technologies and help them with the extra expenses this has caused. That is how our customers can choose SKICKA GRÖNT as a more ecofriendly transport alternative. When you, as a customer, choose SKICKA GRÖNT, we will produce the corresponding tonne-kilometer that your consignment generates with a more expensive climate-smart technology somewhere in our domestic network. Sending green thus contributes to a faster shift in the transport system and ables our carriers to take a risk of a more expensive climate-smart technology. As a customer, you can credit the reduction to your carbon footprint*.

In order for a vehicle to qualify to produce SKICKA GRÖNT, it is necessary to:

  • Purchase of vehicles or fuel must be more expensive than a standard transport solution. The haulage company must be able to show their additional cost for the vehicle
  • Vehicle must reduce fossil greenhouse gas emissions at least 70 percent **
  • An agreement is concluded with the carrier of 3-5 years with the possibility of extension
  • The carrier is paid for the tonne-kilometers produced afterwards
  • Vehicles and fuel are monitored monthly
  • Capacity coordination every month to ensure that we produce at least as many climate smart tonne-kilometers as the total sum of SKICKA GRÖNT ordered by our customers
  • Annual audit report on the process of SKICKA GRÖNT from an independent party is published on website


* The reduction of carbon dioxide is reported in the emission report. The emission report is a service that can be ordered for anyone who has a customer number with us.

** fossil free fuels according to Fossilfritt Sverige