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Getting started with SEND IT GREEN is easier than you think. You'll find start up-guides, icons, communication tips and the answers to common questions below.


  • SEND IT GREEN is included in the shipping price for DHL Parcel Connect. This means that you as an e-retailer won't need to implement any technical solutions in your check-out, but only communicate about SEND IT GREEN to your customers.

    1. Download the SEND IT GREEN icon in the language that suits your web shop. Download here
    2. Add information text which tells your customer that SEND IT GREEN is part of DHL Parcel Connect. Download different language options here.
    3. Feel free to include a text in your customer's order confirmation. Download different laguage options here.
    4. Does your customer want to find out more about SEND IT GREEN and our sustainability work? Then you can use the following links which are available in Swedish and English. Read more here.
  • How do I get started with SEND IT GREEN? You do not need a new agreement, just follow the steps below on how to add the option SEND IT GREEN to your check-out:

    1. Enable the option in your check-out for customers to choose SEND IT GREEN.
    2. Download icons here.
    3. Add text to let your customer know more about the option. Suggestion: "Choose SEND IT GREEN and contribute to climate-smart conversion and fossil-free transport. Read more here "
    4. If your customer has chosen SEND IT GREEN in your check-out, select the option in connection with the booking for that particular shipment. Confirm with your TA provider that you have the option activated. When the booking is registered by DHL, we set aside that amount for climate-smart investments in Sweden. In the customer portal MyDHL Freight, you can easily book the option SEND IT GREEN without any IT integration.
    5. Feel free to include a text in your customer's order confirmation. Suggestion: "Thank you for choosing SEND IT GREEN which contributes to climate-smart conversion and more fossil-free transports. Your choice contributes to climate-smarter vehicles in Sweden. Thank you!"
    6. On the customer's invoice, you create an added cost line named SEND IT GREEN. This way the customer also sees that they have contributed to a more sustainable delivery method. It also appears on the label where the icon for SEND IT GREEN is included. For more information, contact your regular sales contact or customer service who will help you!
    Our Prices
    DHL Service Point 4 kr
    DHL Home Delivery 39,20 kr
    Prices do not include VAT
  • How do I get started with SEND IT GREEN? It's easy! You do not need a new agreement, contact the supplier of your TA system and they will add SEND IT GREEN as an option. Here you will find information from some of our TA providers on how to activate the service:

    MyDHL Freight

    In DHL Freight Sweden's customer portal MyDHL Freight or “Book Now”, you can easily select the option SEND IT GREEN. The option is available when you select "Book a pick-up and create shipping documents" and when you select "Book a pick-up".

    Book now


    You will find the option “SEND IT GREEN” through the GetAllowableShipmentServices-query when a product which supports this service is selected.


    <Description> SEND IT GREEN </Description>

    <ServiceText>Skicka Grönt</ServiceText>


    The option SEND IT GREEN, is called Green Freight by us, you’ll find it with the option code co2

    For more information, contact your responsible salesman or customer service who will help you!


    Feel free to use our icons on your website to highlight your contribution to climate-smart conversion and fossil-free transport. If you want to read more, do it here.

    Feel free to add a text on your customer's invoice and draw their attention to your choice regarding your deliveries. Suggestion: "We have chosen to send your shipment with SEND IT GREEN and contribute to climate-smart conversion and fossil-free transport."

    Our Prices

    DHL Paket 4 kr
    DHL Paket Export 4 kr
    DHL Stycke 39,20 kr
    DHL Pall 39,20
    DHL Parti – Separate customer agreement required. Contact customer service or your regular sales contact at DHL Freight.

    Price is duty free.


  • All DHL's options and supplements are specified on invoice basis. As a corporate customer the amount will be confirmed and reported on the invoice.

    Your emission report also reports the reduction in CO2 emissions generated by SKICKA GRÖNT.

  • Yes, of course we provide emission reports containing the transport emissions that you as a customer have when using our transport services. Decide what frequency, time interval and what customer ID number or mac code that the report should cover. Your DHL Sales contact can set up this report service for you.


  • Send an e-mail to for an initial contact and we will answer your questions and tell you more about the concept.

  • As a green carrier, you undertake to produce an agreed amount of climate-smart tonne-kilometers with the clean technology / renewable fuels. You must also show an economic calculation to point out your additional costs for this current technology and / or fuel.

  • In 2020 we have used ethanol, biogas and electricity, but it is possible for other renewable fuels and technologies to meet the criteria for SEND IT GREEN.


  • SEND IT GREEN is an option for customers to help increase the shift towards more climate friendly vehicles within the Swedish transport network. Every time you choose SEND IT GREEN we produce corresponding tonne-kilometers with climate friendly technology and/ or renewable fuels in the Swedish transport network.

  • In 2020 – Ethanol, biogas and electricity are used to produce clean transport These technologies and renewable fuels meet the criteria for fossil free fuels according Fossilfritt Sverige

  • If your e-retailer provides the option in the web shop you can choose SEND IT GREEN.

  • The fee for sending one or more packages is 5 SEK in the same shipment, 49 SEK for a larger shipment up to 2500 kilos. The fee is including VAT.

  • Yes, the process is reviewed and verified annually.