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Energizing Your Supply Chain

In the cyclical, politically influenced and safety-demanding energy and chemical markets, DHL has the supply chain expertise, capacity and efficiency to keep your business moving.

  • The current rise and fall in oil prices is a product of this market’s cyclical nature. During down-cycles, energy company bankruptcies increase while rig counts and levels of investment decrease. At times like this there is a heavy focus on cost reduction and control. Innovative, transformational approaches from DHL answer that need, changing the emphasis from "reactive" to "proactive" with our fully integrated supply chain solutions. Green-field consulting, KPI management and supply chain visibility are just some of the areas in which we bring proven capabilities to the sector.

  • Today’s market is controlled by geopolitical forces, including a market flooded by national oil companies (NOCs) in revenue-dependent countries like Russia, Iran and Venezuela. In this environment, cost control and improved operations have become essential to maintaining profitability. With our continuous improvement culture, lean management principles and focus on operational excellence, DHL can address those needs. In the area of cost-efficient maintenance, we offer "time on tool" improvements through better supply chain visibility and reliability, work order kitting and material delivery to the point of use.

  • As the energy industry’s demand for safe operations intensifies, HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environmental) and compliance policies have become a necessity for all supply chain service providers. In fact, many companies expect these to be integrated into every process. DHL has a strong head-start in this respect, thanks to our established safety culture and the proven performance of our safety programs. In an increasingly globalized market, the ability to improve process efficiency and ensure effective supplier services is a major advantage.

Oil & Gas - Upstream and Downstream

With our global presence and end-to-end supply chain expertise, DHL is equipped to support end-to-end supply chains for the oil and gas businesses – no matter how remote the location and how long or complex the project.

  • The long lead time from exploration to extraction, processing and distribution presents a number of challenges. DHL is there every step of the way, with supply chain solutions addressing all phases of development. Our services include green-field and brown-field consulting, project and turnaround support, and management of materials for routine maintenance.

  • Now that the world’s "easy" oil has been found, exploration is taking companies to ever more remote regions on land and deeper in to the ocean. Operating in more than 200 countries, DHL offers the size and scale of support needed to cover any geographical range. Our proven recruiting and retention programs in remote areas, along with our focus on continuous improvement, give extra confidence in our capabilities.

  • The cyclical nature of oil prices has been accompanied by a global shift in PVC and PE production due to cheaper feedstock, creating a market overlap between energy and polymers. At the same time, plants are being expanded to bring extra capacity online. DHL has responded by increasing packaging capacity in key regions and providing value-added services to address specialized needs. Our heavy haul and barge capabilities, which reduce transportation costs, are specific examples of the support we can offer.


Against a backdrop of fluctuating commodity prices, remote operations and squeezed profits, DHL offers a mix of proven expertise and innovative solutions to maximize efficiency throughout the supply chain.

  • Cyclical fluctuations in commodity pricing have brought an increased focus on cash flow, reducing debts and finding innovative solutions to drive savings. In response, DHL provides a range of innovations and efficiencies in areas such as inventory financing, integrated supply chain creation and management, technological approaches and green initiatives.

  • Increasingly operating in more remote geographical areas, mining companies face distance challenges and major issues sourcing labor. Distance is no problem to DHL, thanks to our global reach, focus on deep local knowledge and a substantial presence in all parts of the world. Our recruitment and retention programs have a proven track record in remote areas, and our capabilities are underlined by our highly experienced workforce.

  • Mining companies are making operating excellence a top priority, with an increasing focus on cost controls and production efficiencies. For DHL, continuous improvement, lean management and operating excellence are essentials of our organization’s culture. When it comes to cost efficiency in maintenance work, for example, we achieve "time on tool" improvements thanks to enhanced supply chain visibility and reliability, work order kitting and delivery of materials to the point of use.

Power and Utilities

In a complicated market with equally complex regulations, DHL offers a range of supply chain services that adapt to change, enhance productivity and reduce costs in order to help meet the need for better infrastructure and greater sustainability.

  • Frequently faced with the problem of outdated or inadequate infrastructure, power and utility companies need strong logistics and transport support for both the construction of new facilities and the maintenance of existing equipment. In each case, DHL has the capabilities needed to improve supply chain efficiency and to relieve financial pressure by reducing capital asset expenditure. To keep energy and utility businesses’ production running constantly, DHL offers solutions such as maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) services which ensure planned and optimized availability of parts and tools wherever the engineers need them.

  • While the demand for energy continues to build, so does the pressure for cleaner and more sustainable forms of power generation. In response, governments are increasingly focusing on exploring renewables and other alternative energy sources. In such a rapidly changing and in some ways unpredictable market, DHL offers the ability to design, manage and support agile supply chains which will adapt quickly to new situations and continue to maximize cost-efficiency. Our experience covers capital project logistics and transport services for the development of alternative energy generation facilities like solar, wind and hydro-electric plants.


The contribution of DHL to chemical businesses lies largely in our design of efficient, streamlined, integrated supply chains, as well as our value-added services that ensure compliance and product quality.

  • The environmental regulations facing those who store and transport hazardous materials are becoming ever more stringent, as well as growing in volume and complexity. In addition to complying with both international and country-specific rules, operators must meet industry demands for cleanliness and quality in the high-value products they handle. For DHL, strong HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) performance and quality control have become second nature, through the development of our proactive safety and continuous improvement culture. As a result, customers benefit from exacting solution specifications and a range of specialist value-added services which avoid flaws and contamination in the chemicals delivered.

  • Merger and acquisition activity is prevalent in the chemical industry and can be a source of great disruption or, if handled well, can lead to greater business strength and efficiency. In terms of rationalizing production and delivery, key decisions to address include the new shape of the merged network, what can be combined, how to deal with multiple supply chains and where to focus most attention. DHL answers all of these challenges by analyzing networks and designing optimized, responsive supply chains in which finished product packaging, storage, handling and distribution are fully integrated. This integration adds flexibility, improves service levels, reduces costs and accelerates time to market.

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