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The greater the unknown, the greater the risk.

For technology sector companies doing business in emerging markets, this statement is always top of mind.

Technology is a risky business and inherently unpredictable. The increasingly compressed lifecycle for many technology products is challenging in any market, allowing little room for error. And the relentless pace of change in the tech sector makes emerging markets even more of an uncertain bet.

In mature markets, demand patterns and technology adoption rates are better known and understood, as are the protocols of doing business in developed countries. The same cannot be said for emerging markets. There is no homogeneous emerging market or approach. Emerging markets and “clusters” within these markets each have their own variables, issues and challenges. Companies and consumers are evolving in a state of flux.

As one logistics industry executive observed, “These are called emerging markets for a reason.”

Even as technology companies evaluate growth strategies in these markets, they do so recognizing that they are entering uncharted waters. By combining varying levels of infrastructure and unpredictable demand growth with the pressures of the sector – including expectations for effective service, product innovation, competitive price and personalization – you have the definition of uncertainty. As a result, capitalizing on growing consumer demand for technology products requires a supply chain designed specifically to meet the inherent challenges of new rapid-growth markets.

This white paper takes a closer look at the current state of the technology sector in emerging markets. It explores supply chain challenges and offers a solution portfolio to address these issues.

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