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The Era of Logistics

This segment of the products & solutions channel explores the various analytics and digitalisation services that we offer across DHL; from analytics in our track and trace tools, our specialist Applied Analytics team, through to the digitalisation and automation we offer in our warehousing operations.  

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DHL Global Forwarding

Watch our demo on my DHLi's analytic capabilities as we focus on the transit time dashboards and the latest cost per unit.

Customer Solutions & Innovations

Discover more about how the CSI Applied Analytics team supports our customers to enhance decision making, visibility and forecasting in operations.

DHL Supply Chain

Check out how our warehousing innovations drive operational efficiency to support our customers.

Everstream Analytics

Learn more about how Everstream Analytics support their customers to enable enhanced decision making and minimise the risk of supply chain disruptions.


Explore how the Saloodo! team demonstrate their online freight exchange platforms allows businesses to put their requirements out to the marketplace and more.

DHL Global Forwarding

myDHLi: Analytics

Demo: myDHLi's analytics capabilities, focusing on the latest cost per unit and transit time dashboards.

Speaker: Lukas Haasch

Customer Solutions & Innovation

Applied Analytics

How CSI Applied Analytics team supports our customers to enhance visibility, decision making and forecasting in operations. 

Speaker: Prerit Mishra

DHL Supply Chain

Innovation and Digitalisation in Supply Chain

Thijs Hulstman outlines the warehousing innovations that support our customers' drive for operational efficiency. 

Speaker: Thijs Hulstman

Everstream Analytics

Everstream Analytics: An Overview

David Shillingford explains how Everstream Analytics developed to support their customers to minimise the risk of supply chain disruptions, and to enable enhanced decision making.

Speaker: David Shillingford


Saloodo! The Online Freight Exchange and Digital Freight Forwarder

The Saloodo team demonstrate how the online freight exchange platform allows businesses to put their requirements out to the marketplace, and how freight providers can offer their services. 

Speakers: Bastiaan, Nadine, Antje