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The Era of Logistics

The DHL Logistics and Supply Chain Summit showcased how logistics is a critical driver in different sectors. As the world is constantly changing, and with recent challenges such as the global COVID-19 pandemic, let’s explore how the different sectors react or were impacted. We are happy to deliver Keynotes, Fireside chats, and deep-dive discussions to cover the sectors' topics.

Auto-Mobility Insights

Today’s economies are changing like never before. Emerging markets, the accelerated rise of new technologies, and sustainability policies have compelled all sector leaders to refocus their strategies. The Auto-Mobility industry is no exception.

Technology Insights

Technology is changing every aspect of our lives. Sometimes it’s a challenge to even imagine what lies ahead. Everywhere we turn, we see a world that is increasingly digitized.

Energy Insights

The world is constantly changing, and with recent challenges such as the global COVID-19 pandemic, it is more vital than ever to acknowledge that cost pressures, a shifting energy mix, and the increasing impact of renewable energy on the traditional market are huge issues that energy companies now need to be able to offer solutions to.

Engineering & Manufacturing Insights

The development of the world as we know it today is driven by the Engineering & Manufacturing industry. Whether the focus is on the extraction and transportation of raw materials that initiate the production of high-tech manufacturing equipment, construction of the world's most advanced buildings, and complex air, sea, & rail transportation, E&M businesses are literally building the modern world.

Life Sciences & Healthcare Insights

In the world of healthcare, care isn’t something you say, it’s something you do. You show it – the same way a front-line doctor or nurse shows it.
By doing what’s right, not just what’s expected. By taking on the tough challenges, not just the straightforward. By making things happen when others would walk away.

eRetail & Fashion Insights

In a world where connecting is paramount, we pair global reach with local knowledge to provide agile solutions for the eRetail & fashion industry.

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