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Delivering Next-Level Healthcare

As healthcare systems strive to enhance access, improve outcomes, and offer more choices, it is imperative to understand the technological, social, and economic trends driving this transition. Our newly released white paper, "Delivering Next Level Healthcare," offers a detailed analysis of the six major trends and emphasizes the pivotal role of supply chain and logistics in facilitating the evolution of healthcare services.

To provide diverse perspectives and valuable insights, we invited three industry supply chain leaders to share their views and experiences. Our speakers shed a light on the convergence of technology, innovation, and healthcare supply chains, offering insights into how key industry trends are reshaping supply chains and how they are navigating the landscape of healthcare provision.

Deep-Dive Webinar

Don’t miss our engaging session with three visionary leaders who shared their experiences and viewpoints:

  • Steen Mørch, Head of Commercial Supply Chain, Novo Nordisk
  • Steve Song, Head of Consumer Supply Chain, Sanofi
  • Rob Varner, VP Americas Distribution & Logistics, Medtronic