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Automotive Industry Brief: Solving the Talent Crisis

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The auto-mobility industry is facing a threat to its future. The threat is not about product innovation, technology, safety recalls or supplier shortages. It’s about people - specifically supply chain talent, and the rapidly growing shortage that could put the brakes on the sector’s ability to grow and prosper.

Rising demand, a growing demographics gap, an ever-expanding skillset, potential faculty shortages capped by a profession with an image problem converge to create ‘a perfect storm’ in the supply chain talent pipeline in the auto-mobility sector. Tackling the talent gap for this industry is not optional - it’s critical.

This comprehensive white paper, researched and written by Lisa Harrington, President of the lharrington group LLC and Senior Research Fellow, Supply Chain Management Center, Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, assesses the supply chain talent crisis in the auto-mobility sector, what it means for auto-mobility supply chain executives, and outlines five alternatives they should consider to address the problem.

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