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Circular Economy

We offer solutions that enable the transition to circular business models and embrace device-as-a-service (DaaS)

Circularity is gaining in importance for technology companies. By extending the lifecycle of devices and maximizing the value of their materials and parts, companies can reduce their environmental impact and generate additional revenue streams.

At DHL, we collaborate with our customers to enhance the circularity of their supply chains by offering smart return and recovery solutions combined with device repair and refurbishment. 

We focus on enabling and offering:


Optimized Reverse and Return Solutions

Service Parts Logistics

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

End-to-End Visibility

Reducing Costs and Emissions

Return, Repair, Refurbish and Re-use – Circularity Stages in Technology Logistics

Our mission is to support our customers with their transition towards a more circular business model. 


Getting used products back from customers can be a challenge. Therefore, we offer a range of customized returns solutions suitable for small consumer devices, large machines and everything in-between. We also provide sustainable packaging and shipment monitoring solutions.

Receive and Review

Once a device enters the returns center, we can employ our suite of digital tools to diagnose and assess necessary repairs and provide a diagnostic report to the customer, who can decide on the preferred course of action. Through this, we can also offer testing and screening closer to the point of return for OEM products.


Repairing instead of discarding reduces demand for new replacements. If specific parts or components are faulty or damaged, our technicians replace them, update the software and conduct rigorous testing. Additionally, we can provide space in our warehouses for repair vendor (hotel concept) or send the products to a repair vendor.


Product refurbishment can extend the lifecycle of many devices. Our refurbishment service repairs or replaces faulty components such as screens or batteries and wipes the data from devices. This allows the devices to be sold and shipped to a new owner.  

Re-use and Resell

We support our customers in finding a second life for the product, including providing a marketplace option to market and sell their products.


We transport electronic devices at the end of their lifecycle to specialized providers where reusable materials can be reclaimed to minimize the need for new resources.

Circular Economy in the Technology Industry

Watch the Webinar to find out more about how companies are addressing the challenges of the circular economy.

Delivering on Circularity

Circularity focuses on the 5 Rs of Reducing, Repairing, Reselling, Refurbishing and Recycling. Embracing this model will be key to making global production more sustainable.

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