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Semiconductor Logistics

An integrated suite of solutions and services for your end-to-end supply chain

As the world digitizes, semiconductors play an increasingly critical role in our lives. Today’s most sophisticated chips are enabling us to do more than ever before, fueling innovation within almost every sphere of life. 

Our integrated suite of solutions supports semiconductor companies across the entire supply chain, from the construction of new fabs to finished goods delivery. We help customers build resilient supply chains to satisfy the growing demand and ensure timely worldwide delivery.

Global Reach

Reliable Infrastructure

Certified Teams

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility


Collaboration with Partners and Suppliers

Semiconductor Logistics - Capabilities and Services

It's DHL’s mission to be the leading logistics provider for the semiconductor industry, providing fast, reliable services and helping customers to increase the resilience of their global supply chains.

Our integrated suite of solutions and services for your end-to-end supply chain, all from a single source:

Construction Logistics

We leverage our global transportation network, warehousing, laydown area, and service logistics expertise, operating with a zero-defects mindset to ensure timely availability of your sensitive, high-value cargo. DHL works seamlessly with customer construction schedules by ensuring deliveries and related logistics activities are synchronized with project site requirements.

Capital Equipment Logistics

DHL’s trained and certified subject matter specialists provide expertise in all aspects of capital equipment handling.  We offer full and specific compliance services to ensure the security and integrity of your high-value items, and we have a strong track record in the safe and efficient handling, transportation, and storage of semiconductor capital equipment and materials. We provide global visibility through a state-of-the-art IoT monitoring solution (CapTrack), which includes near real-time reporting and condition monitoring for zero-defects logistics.

Assembly and Test

We manage inbound and outbound logistics services for semiconductor Assembly and Test operations. Our trained personnel can be deployed on-site to handle bulk inventory and sample movements to warehouses and distribution centers. Alternatively, DHL can deliver finished goods to distributors or end-customers directly, reducing costs and mitigating the inherent risks of multiple touchpoints. Customers are also offered additional value-added services, including proactive shipment monitoring, risk assessments, and contingency planning.

Warehousing and Automation

Semiconductor warehousing services include testing goods for compliance or replacement, as well as kitting, right down to the unit level, and preparing and packaging products. We meet regulatory industry standards, offer single-unit picks, and have cleanroom-trained staff. We can manage inventory using our systems or the customer’s and provide custom reporting. Our storage features vendor-managed inventory (VMI) hubs for efficient distribution. We handle material scrapping per SOPs, run global parts warehouses for timely manufacturing item delivery, and use robotics for enhanced efficiency.

Semi-/Finished Transportation Logistics

The DHL approach to safeguarding product integrity focusses on secure handling and transportation. To strike a balance between speed and cost, our options include same-day or express courier services as well as freight forwarding Special Air Freight service with near-real-time monitoring. Sensitive goods are transported along reliable international networks, and our Control Tower services enable last-minute dynamic routing. Our reverse logistics solutions include limited testing, returns and/or product disposition operations. Visibility and regular reporting are standard.

Service Logistics

It is essential that semiconductor production operations keep running smoothly. DHL makes sure that spare parts are available when needed. Our unparalleled service logistics network spans 140 countries and territories and is a fully integrated combination of people and infrastructure to deliver a seamless 24/7 experience. We offer industry-leading real-time visibility and management via our Control Towers, worldwide connections, and rapid data analytics. Standardization, through globally consistent business processes, is based on our operational standards model and executed on our single-instance global IT platform.

Construction Logistics for the Semiconductor Industry

DHL offers tailored logistics solutions for semiconductor manufacturers.

Capital Equipment Logistics for the Semiconductor Industry

DHL ensures the safe and timely delivery of your high-value capital equipment and spare parts.

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