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Cargo Insurance

Covering the gap between standard liability and the full value of your goods, so you have peace of mind regardless of what happens during transportation

Damage, loss and theft can happen to cargo at any time and in any place during international transport. Freight forwarders have limited liability under international conventions, which means that they only pay compensation if you can establish that they were at fault for the damage or loss to the shipment. If you can prove fault, the compensation will be based on weight or package count, which may be much less than the actual value of your goods.

DHL Global Forwarding can arrange Cargo Insurance to cover your freight against loss or damage from any external cause to their full value.

Global Scale

Exceptional levels of service and pricing for all customers no matter what size. We offer single or multiple insurance coverage and cover for high-risk cargo and worldwide destinations that other companies won’t offer.

No Deductibles or Hassle

Designed by our own specialists in the risk management division, we feature competitive rates with no deductibles or excess. Plus, freight and cargo insurance will be included on a single invoice.

30-Day Claims Resolution

We target a maximum 30-day claims resolution. 

Local Representatives and Currency

Your claim is handled locally with personnel who speak the local language and can settle in local currency.

Cargo Insurance Options

Ad-hoc Cargo Insurance

One-off cover for a specific shipment.

Available: Through your sales representative or during shipment booking for air, ocean, road, or rail freight

Key Features
  • Competitive rates and worldwide coverage
  • No deductible
  • 30-day claim resolution target
  • Freight and Cargo Insurance on a single invoice

Cargo Insurance

Protects all DHL Global Forwarding shipments over the course of a pre-defined period such as one year, provides maximum freight protection and minimum administration effort.

Available: Through your Sales Representative

Key Features
  • Based on your shipping profile (trade lanes and type of commodities shipped)
  • Competitive rates and worldwide coverage
  • No deductible
  • 30-day claim resolution target
  • Save administrative time

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