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Our Business Leaders have come a long way and they need due recognition for their contribution in the economy. There are numerous areas in which our business leaders, through their creativity, entrepreneurship, insightful and timely decisions, hard work and good management have set up successful business ventures that have generated employment for our workers and profit for our entrepreneurs. With the view of recognizing the business leaders for their outstanding contributions to economy and the society, DHL Express Bangladesh and The Daily Star have launched the Bangladesh Business Awards to inspire and motivate the business fraternity. Through this award, we hope to create an environment of excellence and competitiveness that will drive the members of our business community to achieve greater heights of productivity. To date, BBA Journey has observed 20 such award ceremonies. Bangladesh Business Awards (BBA) is the flagship Brand Building event of DHL Express Bangladesh which ensured Top of Mind brand awareness within the business community.

Objectives of Bangladesh Business Awards:

  • To acknowledge publicly the vital contributions made by companies and individuals to Bangladesh business.
  • To create an environment which will encourage, sustain the entrepreneurial spirit and enhance standards of corporate management in Bangladesh.
  • To illustrate the depth of talent that exists in the country by highlighting nominees Success stories.
  • To enable the organizers, The Daily Star and DHL, to fulfill their responsibilities as good corporate citizens.

Categories: Four awards comprise the Bangladesh Business Awards on a regular basis. Below is the list:

  • Business Person of the Year award is presented to the most deserving individual for outstanding corporate success. The candidate must possess integrity, management skills, leadership qualities and business and financial acumen.
  • Outstanding Woman in Business award goes to the most deserving woman in business or profession who has made an outstanding contribution to her company and profession. She can also be considered a role model.
  • Enterprise of the Year award is presented to the most deserving company that has distinguished itself through entrepreneurial spirit and innovations.
  • Best Financial Institution of the Year award goes to the most deserving financial institution like banks, insurance and leasing companies for its distinguished performance.

Information required from nominees for different categories to be found in the following documents and to be sent via email to