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Affordable and Speedy Sea Freight Services

Today, sea shipments are a fundamental strategic resource for national and international trade, because they make it possible to transport large volumes of cargo in a cost-effective and timely manner. DHL has the necessary experience, a specialized team of experts on-hand, and operates in more than 190 countries, not to mention being able to offer more ocean freight routes than any other provider.



We have logistics experts specializing in major industry sectors, so we can help you improve your performance and drive out costs.

Global Reach

We’re on the ground in over 190 countries allowing you to export and import from more locations worldwide. Providing more ocean loops and services than anyone else.

Quality Control

DHL Ocean Freight shipments include a wide range of quality controlled equipment types. We strive for on time deliverability and provide end-to-end visibility.

Full-Container-Load (FCL)

Ensuring reliable, safe and cost-efficient transportation door to door globally.

Less-than-Container-Load (LCL)

Operating our own in-house network, connecting your LCL cargo to any place required globally.

Buyers Consolidation & Purchase Order (PO) Management

Reducing your freight cost with customized buyer’s and/or shippers’ consolidation. 

Temperature-Controlled Loads

Ensuring your shipments travel at the right temperature to protect your goods. 

Ocean Bulk

Providing innovative container solutions for transporting liquids.

Non-Containerized Load (NCL)

Transporting oversized goods too large for standard containers.

Forwarding Insights

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  • We guarantee economical, convenient, and reliable shipping worldwide. Whether it's shipping a container, choosing long haul options, or even a cabotage service, we can always offer a suitable possibility for your business’ requirements.

  • Our goal is to simplify the transportation of your ocean freight shipping. With that in mind, DHL offers several options to suit different requirements. For instance, Full-Container-Load (FCL) is the perfect solution for a complete container load, because it ensures reliable, safe, and economical door-to-door transportation worldwide. In this option, we also offer advanced features such as our online myDHLi Ocean Track tool, which offers greater shipment visibility, as well as DHL Ocean Secure, which enables container monitoring via mobile GSM networks. There’s also DHL Ocean Plus, which offers a user-friendly interface that enables automated reporting with hourly updates.

    For those of you who need global network coverage with weekly scheduled departures, we offer the Less-than-Container-Load (LCL) alternative, as we have an average of 2,800 departures per week that serve more than 45,000 locations and thus ensure that deadlines and promises to customers are met.

  • With its eight thousand kilometers of navigable coastline and its well-developed port infrastructure, plus the fact that a large part of the population lives close to the coastal regions, the cabotage service in Brazil has great potential. DHL offers Full-Container-Load (FCL) and Less-than-Container-Load (LCL) shipments for oceanic cabotage freight. This is our national river and sea transportation solution for Brazilians, which includes door-to-door and port-to-port service. Performed by DHL Brazil, a licensed operator in the country, this sea freight service allows customers to access tax benefits granted by the Brazilian government.

  • Through buyers consolidation management and purchase management, DHL provides a simple solution to reduce your costs. By grouping multiple orders from different manufacturers in one or multiple countries, sea cargo can be loaded in Full-Container-Load (FCL) containers. This way, shipping conditions are much better and your costs decrease.

  • For healthcare-related cargo that require temperature-controlled sea shipments, complete visibility and product flow control, we offer DHL Ocean Thermonet. Our staff are trained in GDP (Good Distribution Practices) regulations and our DHL LifeTrack application, unique for refrigerated transport tracking, enables the quality, compliance, clarity and active monitoring required by healthcare customers.

  • Whether for the transportation of non-hazardous liquids or for the wine and spirits industry, DHL is the partner you need in the transportation of liquid goods.

    For the transportation of non-hazardous liquids in bulk, DHL offers a sustainable solution. A multi-layer container with a capacity of up to 24,000 liters is designed to increase cargo volume by up to 31%. Keep in mind that Flexitanks are manufactured with virgin film, which prevents the contamination of goods.

    We also have a specialized transport alternative for the wine and distillate sector. Our wide network of collaborators and equipment, safe and optimized storage, as well as our fast, protected and certified procedures, guarantee a continuous flow from the transportation to the consumer's table. To learn more about the transportation process for this sector, you can watch the DHL Wine & Spirits Logistics video.

  • For the shipment of your break bulk (non-containerized) cargo, we offer two ocean shipping options:

    DHL Ocean Charter is ideal for customers who have oversized cargo and require a guarantee of capacity and delivery times, and DHL Ocean Special's conventional cargo service is tailored for the transportation of oversized cargo because it provides flexible, customized, break bulk, and conventional services. It offers global availability for break bulk and scheduled departures.

  • Through DHL Carbon Report, you can track your greenhouse gas emissions and generate detailed reports. Through the DHL Carbon Dashboard tool, you can identify opportunities for cost and carbon optimization. Finally, with DHL Quick Scan you'll get an overview of carbon efficiency. With these and other tools, DHL shows its commitment to ensuring a better world for future generations.

    Rest assured that all of our ocean freights have our additional security services, customs services, and sustainable options to ensure a smooth delivery locally and across the world.