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1400 reasons to celebrate

Although the DHL hub in Leipzig will not celebrate its big birthday until next year, the year 2022 is very special for many employees.

Thomas receives his certificate from Peter Wiegand, member of the management board at the DHL Hub Leipzig.

This year, we can congratulate more than 1,400 employees on a milestone anniversary. The birthdays range from 5 to 35 years of service. This adds up to more than 13,860 years of professional experience and thus a lot of knowledge and, of course, stories. One of our anniversaries this year is Thomas Fischer, from the Training team. He has experienced quite a bit in his past 15 years at the DHL Hub Leipzig.

What do you do at DHL and how did you get here?

I'm a trainer and team leader at our company, responsible for commercial trainees and students. I started on 01.10.2007 as a supervisor in operations. In this role, I helped set up the Repack and Found Shipment Center departments. In February 2014, I moved to the training team and have since been entrusted with the supervision of our colleagues of tomorrow.

What made you stay loyal to DHL?

DHL is a reliable employer. This is all the more evident in times that are not so easy. Another point is the development opportunities and prospects you have in the company, as well as the support you receive for your personal development. Last but not least, I simply enjoy my job!

What does the 15 Year Award mean to you? How was the handover for you?

For me, the Long Service Award is a really great recognition for the work done at the DHL hub. From my point of view, it shows that the company values the experience of its colleagues and that this is the foundation of the success of the LEJ hub. The presentation of the Long Service Award by Peter Wiegand, Vice President Operations, was a nice moment and also provided an opportunity to reminisce a bit.

The 15 years of service have "flown by" for Thomas.

What makes DHL special for you as an employer over all these years?

The Hub is still a very exciting place to work for me after 15 years, and the environment here at the airport makes it unique. DHL shows how important employees are to the success of the company through the many small and large recognitions, events and campaigns.

Another special feature is the team spirit, both within the teams but also across team boundaries. "As one..." is not just an empty slogan, but really lived out.

What would you like to pass on to newer employees?

My 15 years here at the hub so far have flown by....
Take advantage of the opportunities and possibilities that the DHL hub in Leipzig offers you.

Like Thomas, many employees have continued to develop internally. The average length of service of all employees at the hub is 7.5 years. Even though the DHL Hub Leipzig only opened in 2008, many of them had already worked at other DHL Group entities. This means that in the coming year we will again be able to celebrate almost 1,000 anniversaries. We are already looking forward to more stories. - Klaudia Brosig