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Europe is Controlled From Here

As the world's largest DHL hub, Leipzig is also home to numerous important management functions for controlling the European DHL network. A separate building complex, the LEJ Campus, was built for this purpose.

In addition to the departments required to manage logistics and flight operations, the DHL hub in Leipzig is also home to numerous management functions responsible for managing the European DHL Express network. The LEJ Campus was opened in 2023 to bring the several hundred employees in these areas together under one roof and offer them a great, modern workplace. The local DHL customs department has also moved into its own building here. Additional space will be used by AeroLogic, a joint venture between DHL and Lufthansa Cargo, which plans to station around 600 pilots at Leipzig/Halle Airport.

The LEJ CAMPUS is located in the immediate vicinity of the logistics and flight operations and consists of five multi-storey buildings. In addition to office space and a parking garage with an innovative solar facade and more than 100 electric charging stations, there is also a canteen, training rooms and even a leisure area with a table tennis table, pool table and fitness room. When building the LEJ Campus, environmental and climate friendliness were key objectives from the outset. The new office complex produces almost three quarters of its electrical energy requirements itself - through photovoltaics, but also through a combined heat and power plant that supplies the campus with heat. It is powered by biogas, but can also be converted to run on hydrogen. The LEJ Campus is thus making an important contribution to the DHL Group's climate targets, which aim to reduce all emissions to zero by 2050.

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