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DHL Hub Leipzig

The heart of a Global Logistics Chain​

After sunset, the DHL Hub Leipzig reaches a stunning pace. Every night, perfectly trained teams take responsibility for thousands of tons of freight - come rain, storm or snow. All work hand-in-hand. Everyone is a strong link that all others build on: colleagues as well as customers around the world. It's about the perfect interaction of commitment, momentum and demand.

When people in the region settle down, we make sure that the world keeps turning. We transport shipments quickly to destinations around the world and guarantee delivery at a defined time.



OVER 7,000




220 countries and regions worldwide – there is almost no place to which we do not deliver. We transport large and small shipments that are urgently awaited by customers all over the world. In doing so, we support global trade by enabling companies to expand into other countries with their business. We offer our customers the infrastructure to ensure a fast exchange of goods and documents.

For our service, we operate a worldwide network for air freight. Leipzig is the most important hub in this network. Every night, thousands of tons of cargo are unloaded, sorted and reloaded by perfectly trained teams within a very short time. Hundreds of thousands of shipments are processed. We ensure that our customers' shipments arrive safely, quickly and on time.