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Almost a Second Home

An average of 100 new trainees are hired at the DHL Hub Leipzig every year – and the trend is rising. But what is it actually like to learn as a trainee at the largest DHL Express hub in the world?

Sanja wears yellow and red accessories with obvious pride.

Hello Airbus, my name is Sanja and I am a second-year office management trainee. Almost exactly two years ago, my mom suggested that I apply for an office apprenticeship at DHL - at least that would suit me well. DHL also found that it was a good fit, so I started my apprenticeship in August 2020.

In total, the LEJ Hub offers training in nine different roles. The most popular of these are the freight forwarding and logistics services clerks, safety and security specialists and office management clerks.

No matter what training you choose – one thing is always guaranteed: variety. Secured through the structure of the training. Every four months we have a rotation of office management trainees, meaning we change departments. For example, we learn in departments such as Purchase, Legal, Customs and Communication. At the moment I support the organization of events and theme weeks, write texts, design flyers and even became a social media star

She was also promoting the new employee app.

From accounting to customs applications to writing a blog post, I have done almost everything in the last year. This change provides exciting insights. Again and again I get to know new colleagues. I was warmly welcomed into every single team, so I always see the change with mixed feelings. After completing my training, I will not only be richer with a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge, but above all with unique experiences, moments and friendships. My mom was ultimately right when she said, "That could be a good match for you."

What I would like to give to everyone who is now considering starting an apprenticeship at the LEJ Hub: If you are open, communicative and curious, you will quickly find a second home here - like me.

Seeing the inside of a cockpit - a dream come true for Sanja.