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Celebrating Equality

For more than 100 years, March 8th has stood for the role and equality of women. This day not only celebrates the numerous achievements that have been reached over the past few decades, but ultimately every single woman.

Terminals with sorting systems that stretch for miles, towing vehicles that drive freight from A to B, planes that take off and land every minute. Anyone who thinks of working at an air freight hub may have the image of a male-dominated location in mind. But why? Because the work is associated with technique and muscle power? A cliché that – as in many other sectors – has long been outdated. Showing this was one of the reasons why we are presenting the diversity of the areas of responsibility of our female colleagues for today's Women's Day.

Yvonne Seidel works at the air freight hub as a supervisor on the apron. She is responsible for loading and unloading our DHL machines. Role models or prejudices are not an issue for her. “When I started at DHL, I showed everyone that I didn’t shy away from any work and that for me every one of my colleagues is equal. And quickly I became part of the team! Treating people with respect is a mirror.”

Yvonne Seidel works as a ramp supervisor at the DHL hub. During the nightly operations, she guides her team in loading and unloading the aircraft.

The naturalness with which women at the LEJ Hub work in supposedly male professions and are recognized is just one aspect of equality. We owe this to the female colleagues at the site. They assert themselves on a daily basis through characteristics that are not related to gender - such as ambition, willpower and commitment. - Julia Ende