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Fly High with Idea Management

Whether a more sustainable solution for waste disposal, an optimization of a process in the sorting hall or a measure to better train new colleagues at the DHL Hub Leipzig - with the help of idea management, LEJ colleagues have the opportunity to submit their suggestions to the to further develop the hub all year round.

“Every idea counts. Although seemingly small, the implemention can have a big impact. For this reason, we regularly run campaigns to ask colleagues for ideas on a specific focus topic. These include focal points such as safety, sustainability and productivity,” explains Marc Naumann, idea manager at the DHL Hub Leipzig. In this context, the first idea management campaign for trainees and BA students at the LEJ Hub took place last year. "During their training, our young colleagues look into many different areas and thus receive a comprehensive overview of the processes in the individual departments. So lots of input for new ideas for the LEJ Hub,” explains Marc.

Maximilian Lexow and Ibrahim Aydin, BA students Controlling/Finance, took their chance and also submitted an idea during the campaign. “We worked at HR Development last year. Customers regularly called there to ask about the status of their shipment. A case for DHL customer service. That's why our idea was to design a kind of cheat sheet with the contacts to whom customers can be forwarded directly on the phone," explains Maximilian. An idea that convinced the campaign jury. This cheat sheet became a practical mouse pad. "Of course we are very proud that our idea was implemented," adds Ibrahim.

Not only that. They received a very special prize for their idea. Together with Sina Orlamünder, an office management trainee, who was honored for her idea of ​​regularly offering firefighting training courses for trainees, the two BA students took to the air. Not with a DHL Boeing, but with a small plane, with which they could explore not only Halle and Leipzig, but also the LEJ Hub from above. “It was my first flight ever. So it was very exciting and an unforgettable moment for me,” Maximilian remembers. - Annett Berger