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Green Perspective

The world of work, is currently undergoing major changes due to the Corona Pandemic. There is the acute trend towards mobile working on the one hand and the constant desire for a central base on the other. This is exactly what the LEJ campus should be for many DHL employees in order to offer hybrid work models.

Green design concept: The LEJ Hub Campus with cafeteria and a building that will fulfill various functions.

Not far from the terminals of the DHL hub and the EAT hangar, the construction project is about to start the construction phase. The first of four planned buildings is expected to stand on the construction site  at the beginning of 2023. Right now the soil is just being cleared away and the area leveled. The LEJ Campus, which is a joint project between DHL Hub Leipzig GmbH, DHL Express Network Management GmbH (DHL ENM) and Aerologic GmbH, is characterized by its innovative approach on many levels.

The DHL internal Health & Wellbeing initiative is a source of inspiration for the designers of the campus with its interpretation of workspaces. "Natural materials, muted colors and lots of green," says Nils Wouterse, Program Manager at DHL, describing the most memorable features.

What has never existed in this form, at least on the planning tableau, is a special DHL logo, which is currently being checked for implementation. In order to further emphasize the GoGreen focus, according to the vision, the three letters should be emblazoned in evergreen plant species at the campus car park in the direction of B6. The highlight, the facade of the car park itself consists of individual solar panels. The electricity generated can flow directly back to the e-charging station.

"We are not yet in the final phase of detailed planning, but I am very confident that we will present solutions that will be well received. Functionality, design and sustainability will come together here and invite you to rediscover the workplace,” says Nils and his project team. Christian Adam

Source of inspiration: A so-called look book from the Health & Wellbeing campaign provides ideas for interior design.