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Logistical Support for the Food Bank

Due to the Corona crisis, the Delitzscher Tafel had to come up with creative solutions in order to continue to supply the people in the region with food. That's why the team from the DHL Hub Leipzig has been volunteering twice a week for the Tafel since mid-April.

Andree Lindner from our security department wanted to help.

Due to the restrictions caused by the corona virus, our long-term partner, food bank Delitzsch, had to close two of its three locations in March temporarily. In order to be able to supply all customers with food regularly, the food bank team wanted to set up a delivery service. When we heard about it, we were really enthusiastic and wanted to help. Connecting people is our passion.

“We are very happy about the additional support from DHL. We have a lot of older customers who are less mobile, customers who are ill or who belong to the Corona risk group. Right now it is so important that we help these people” says Ramona Horber, executive staff member of food bank Delitzsch. She and her team collect food donations from supermarkets every day, sort and distribute them. 

Our colleague Maik Zehle from our human resources department had fun helping.

So the tasks of the food bank are the same like at the DHL Hub, only with food and smaller. Thus two DHL colleagues are part of the food bank team every Tuesday and Wednesday since 14 April. With a DHL Van, they transport food from the main facility in Delitzsch to the smaller ones in Eilenburg and Laußig. They collect donations and deliver to customers home.

In addition to manpower, we support with disinfectants, disposable gloves as well as DHL boxes and we support the food bank financially as part of our sponsorship program. We do this because we know, together we can master any challenge. - Stefan Macourek


#togetheragainstcorona: DHL Hub Leipzig and the food bank Delitzsch

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