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Proud Partner of the Classical Music Event Leipziger Markt Musik

What do logistics and classical music have in common? A lot, actually! Have you ever had to conduct a complex sequence of operations in perfect harmony? Our employees at DHL Hub Leipzig do it every night – live, of course, just like a concert. They enable aircraft loaded with cargo of all shapes and sizes to head off smoothly for destinations all over the world. Does anyone work as tirelessly as Vivaldi did? Yes! Our employees do, night after night.

With so many similarities between transportation and classical music, it’s hardly surprising that DHL Hub Leipzig was a proud sponsor of the Leipziger Markt Musik music festival in summer 2018. In front of the Old Town Hall in the heart of the city, thousands of visitors gathered to enjoy bands, orchestras, speakers, performers and musical films. The festival was a huge success and promises to become a new cultural highlight of the Leipzig summer.

The DHL hub at Schkeuditz, just outside Leipzig, began operating some ten years ago. But we don’t just work here, we live here too and are part of the local community, as demonstrated by our wide range of social and civic activities. Supporting the Leipziger Markt Musik festival is just one example. We have managed to bring this series of events back to life with a new concept. “We’re proud to be part of the festival,” said Christiane Gehb,  communications manager. It doesn’t feel like hard work at all because it’s great fun. — Christiane Gehb