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What makes the day-to-day work of our EAT pilots so special? Captain Tom Dekeyser and First Officer Mona Lempfert take us with them on their flight to Gothenburg and share their thoughts on flying for EAT. 

11:30pm – BRU Airport

We start our working day in the evening. Tonight we fly from Brussels to Gothenburg via Copenhagen. Pilots planned together for a flight or series of flights can come from a previous flight, the hotel or from home. Mona had a layover in Brussels and Tom just starts his duty week coming from home.

1:20am – BRU Airport

One hour prior to take-off we meet for flight preparation. We mostly meet in the Flight Dispatch but sometimes also on the aircraft or at airport crew centres. Besides analyzing the weather, Notams and fuel calculations we also decide who is going to fly which sector. Every approach and runway has its particularities and fun factors. The best way to gain experience is to operate personally to or from a destination.

1:50am – BRU Airport

Outside check on this beauty. My colleague and I are both type-rated for the Airbus A300-600. This aircraft plays a vital role in DHL’s network. We use it to fly mainly to destinations in Europe and occasionally to North/West Africa and the Middle East. The A300-600 connects the major DHL hubs and is an important feeder in the network.

3:15am – CPH Airport

Quick stopover in Copenhagen. Time for our colleagues to unload the aircraft. For us, this means we have time for a short break. Our professional life is organized in duty blocks by the colleagues from Crew Scheduling. A typical working week can consist of only flying duties or a mixture of simulator and/or ground courses. This time, our duty includes flying to Denmark, Sweden and Belgium. From Copenhagen, we continue our journey to Gothenburg.

4:30am – In the sky between CPH to GOT

Cold temperatures have been announced for Copenhagen. As we are often on the “road” for consecutive days, we quickly adapt to living out of a suitcase. Sometimes we need to pack for four seasons in one working week. Though crew rest is vital and priority number one, we always find time to get an impression of the cities where we have our layover. The hotels we stay at are above average and provide the specific comfort required for sleeping during the day.

5:00am – GOT Airport

Touch-down in Gothenburg. Now we’re off to the crew hotel. If you’re thinking of joining EAT, let us tell you one more thing before we go: EAT is a great company to fly for with lots of opportunities and career progression through merit. The biggest contribution to the great working atmosphere comes from the colleagues inside and outside the cockpit.

How to join

Are you interested in joining DHL?Then take a look at our current vacancies with all the information on obligatory skills and requirements.Please note that we only accept applications for pilot positions via Interpersonal.