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Breathtaking teamwork and absolute precision at night drive the world throughout the day.

Heroes of the Night

AFTER SUNSET, THE DHL HUB REACHES A STUNNING PACE: Every night, perfectly trained teams take responsibility for thousands of tons of freight - come rain, storm or snow. Everyone works hand in hand. Everyone is a strong link that all others build on: colleagues as well as customers around the world. It's about the perfect interaction of commitment, momentum and demand. When people in the region settle down, we make sure that the world keeps turning. The shipments arrive punctually and safely where they are needed.

168 Football Fields - Workplace for More Than 5,700 Dedicated Employees

To operate our hub, we need a lot of people to support us. Airplanes have to be loaded, containers moved and shipments sorted. A lot of highly qualified specialists work in the background. Besides the terminals with sorting facilities, there is also a large hangar. Our own cargo airline takes care of the operation and maintenance of the aircraft here at Leipzig/Halle Airport. Network planners, engineers, pilots, aircraft mechanics - the variety of jobs at DHL is vast and each of these jobs offers interesting perspectives in an international environment.

European Air Transport GmbH – Our In-House Airline

European Air Transport Leipzig GmbH (EAT Leipzig) is both the in-house airline for the DHL Hub Leipzig and Germany's largest cargo carrier. The current fleet of 34 aircraft includes the Airbus A300-600, Airbus A330-200 and Boeing 757. The annual distance flown is equivalent to almost 900 circuits of the earth.

EAT Leipzig has around 1,000 employees, most of whom work during the night. The 325 pilots fly to some 50 destinations across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and America.

More than 400 technicians service and maintain the aircraft (and those of other DHL network airlines) in our 22,000-square-meters (5 1/2 acres) hangar.