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Sylvia Linzner, Senior Supervisor in the Sort, began her training at DHL in 1980 and has now been with the company for a total of 37 years

Sylvia Linzner in her work area "Customs Bond".

During this time I have passed a few stations. I started as a customer advisor at the post office counter in Leipzig. After that, I was in the back office and worked in the shipment tracking. Then I switched to the Radefeld shipping center and worked on forms for post offices, for example.

In 2007 she applied for a position at the Leipzig hub. “In the beginning, the hub was something completely new. The atmosphere is simply special and I first had to get used to the new working environment. The planes, the systems and the long conveyor belts - a completely different backdrop than back then in the shipping center," smiles Sylvia.

She has been part of the hubs Customs Bond for 15 years and works alongside her colleagues and customs. "In our area, shipments are stored whose customs clearance has not yet been completed. Once they have been cleared, we release them. But we also process so-called RTOs (Return To Origin), consignments that go back to the consigner," says Sylvia about her everyday work at the hub.

She never considered moving to a different department or company: “Of course there are small setbacks or differences of opinion, but they are everywhere. I feel very comfortable at the hub and in the team. The special thing about the hub is the cohesion. The team backs you up. If anything is wrong, the team and the manager are there and always have an open ear.” As one of the seniors, Sylvia is on hand to offer advice and support to her team and in her 15 years at the LEJ Hub she has seen a number of changes and challenges, such as an ash cloud from an Icelandic volcano. "Through the mutual exchange and teamwork, we have not only mastered everything, but were also able to make some progress.

Sylvia is certain: "I definitely want to stay here at the hub until I retire."

- Annett Berger