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A Good Perspective

The DHL hub in Leipzig never stands still. Embedded in a worldwide network, we supply customers around the globe. That's why we also sort shipments at Christmas, Easter or New Year's Eve.

Operations at the DHL hub in Leipzig take place exclusively at night. Image: Felix Brodowski

Marvin Weber has been working at Leipzig Hub since April 2019. As a ramp agent, the apron is his workplace and our yellow and red aircraft his daily bread. Night after night, he loads and unloads them together with his team. One night he particularly looks forward to is New Year's Eve. Every year, he volunteers for this shift.  Working between 9:30 p.m. and 6 a.m. means working exactly on New Year's Eve.

And he does it voluntarily? For Marvin, the reasons are obvious: "The atmosphere is simply very special. We spend midnight together as a team and enjoy the spectacle around us. Here on the apron, we have the advantage of a very good all-round view. So we can enjoy the fireworks from a safe distance." It's not just because of his team and the view that Marvin is certain he wants to celebrate New Year's Eve at the Hub. "This way I also know that my car is safe here in the parking lot and I don't have to worry about firecrackers damaging it," he adds with a laugh. 

Marvin looks forward to New Year's Eve at the Hub every year.

The fact that it is necessary to work at all during such occasions is met with a lot of understanding from Marvin. "As an apron employee, I of all people know that our flight routes cover so many different countries. The holidays we have here in Germany are not celebrated in the same way everywhere in the world. On top of that, of course, there are also different time zones, which simply make it necessary to work during such nights as well if we want to keep our express promise."

This promise is also a motivation for Marvin to take such shifts. Thanks to colleagues like Marvin, the DHL hub truly never stands still. - Julia Ende