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APPRECIATION is a Top Priority at the DHL Hub Leipzig

On an ordinary working day, selected employees feel a range of emotions in a matter of seconds: excitement, surprise, joy. The reason for this is the Employee of the Year award.

Serkan Tuncer is a real team player and is very appreciated by his colleagues because of his helpful and committed way of working. He is one of 16 EOYs of the year 2020.

The Employee of the Year (EOY) award is a very special highlight at the DHL Hub Leipzig every year. With the highest global award employees at DHL Express can receive, colleagues are honored who go above and beyond night after night and day after day through their tireless efforts. A special appreciation for those who always give their best for their team as well as for the company. The EOY are nominated by colleagues from their own work area or team and also from other departments. Afterwards, a jury consisting of the executive board and the senior management team get together to vote anonymously the winners.

Last year, a total of 16 out of more than 6,500 employees at the DHL Hub Leipzig received the Employee of the Year award. One of them is Serkan Tuncer. He works with a lot of dedication and commitment as a senior supervisor on the apron.

As a sign of appreciation, each EOY received a trophy with personal engraving during the gala evening.

Mark Schiffel, Ramp Manager, informed him about his award as Employee of the Year. Serkan still describes this moment to this day with a beaming face: “I was surprised and super happy at the same time. My heart was beating fast and I was incredibly excited. After that, to be honest, I felt like I was floating through the hub instead of walking. I couldn’t understand it and thought for a moment it was a dream and I was about to wake up. I thought to myself afterwards that the information about winning the lottery would probably feel similar. The award shows me in a particularly appreciative way that I am doing my job well and that I am on the right track.” Despite his award, or rather because of it, Serkan continues to do his best: “This award spurs me on to keep learning, because as we all know, you’re never perfect.”

The trip to a European cities, which EOYs would have received among others, had to be cancelled due to the current situation. Nevertheless, the Employee of the Year at our company location were duly celebrated by the executive board and management during a gala evening in October.

Now another successful year is coming to an end and it is time again to nominate colleagues. Colleagues who, like Serkan, always give their best for our company with their dedicated work ethic and above-average stamina. Colleagues who deserve positive emotions in seconds. - Franziska Klappstein