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How it feels to be an employee of the year

Sebastian Brösel is one of 22 colleagues who were named Employee of the Year 2022 at the DHL Hub Leipzig. The ceremonial honor took place in Venice.

Honoring the employees of the year.

Every year, DHL Express recognizes employees who have distinguished themselves through special achievements. The "Employee of the Year" (EOY) award is presented at all locations. This year there were 22 employees at the DHL hub, including Sebastian, who has been working at the DHL hub in Leipzig for over 15 years.

For Sebastian, it was a big surprise when he learned of his nomination and subsequent appointment as an EOY. But the highlight was yet to come: The honor took place in Venice this year. Together with the other 21 EOYs from Europe, Sebastian traveled to the Italian city at the end of April.

The journey began with an impressive flight over the Alps. Once they arrived in Venice, a special highlight awaited the group: they were taken by water cab to their hotel on its own island. Once there, they were greeted by a spacious green area, a rooftop pool overlooking the Venice skyline and a great spa landscape. "The trip was perfectly organized and left nothing to be desired. This was also true of the weather. The first dinner took place outside, accompanied by modern piano music. The later arrival of the DHL Express management was celebrated euphorically," Sebastian recalls of the first evening.

On the first day, there was a team challenge: the participants collected plastic waste on the beach. In the afternoon, a sightseeingtrip to Venice was on the agenda. In the evening, the EOY Gala Dinner was held, where the "DHL Got Heart Award" was presented. Sebastian especially remembered the reactions of the other EOYs: "For many, this was an emotional highlight that filled them with pride to work for this company."

Sebastian (in the middle) with members of the European DHL Express management.

The second day was dedicated entirely to well-being. After individual excursions in the region, there was time for wellness, cooking, yoga and the Italian dolce vita. In the evening, more than 20 boats departed from the hotel for historic Venice, where the EOY Gala Dinner was held in an old building. Everyone was festively dressed and felt like they were in a James Bond movie. For all participants, the EOY trip to Venice was an unforgettable experience. The appreciation of the management, the festive atmosphere of the event and the exchange with colleagues from all over Europe were indescribable.

Just like the whole trip, Sebastian sums it up: "For me, it was the absolute highlight of my almost 16-year career at DHL Express. It shows that hard work and special achievements are also rewarded accordingly. The EOY trip to Venice was an unforgettable experience and a memory that I will cherish for a long time to come." – Julia Ende

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